Saturday, September 13, 2008

Signing Off

Its been one hell of a long passed as quick as it came...seasons merged together in the blink of an eye since last winter and we're almost there again once more. On a deeper level I've reached the end of an era and the begining of new chapters in my life...Im so excited I wouldn't have changed anything for the world..its true..God has a plan for everyone, we think we know what we want but little do we know what fate has in store for us..Im glad I kept my new years resolution of not making any plans and keeping open to life because it was so worth it.

Its time for me to go away very a strange way its like going back home and Im looking forward very much so to it...I cant wait to greet winter with open arms and I cross my fingers that this year it snows whilst Im there...the sky is the limit....I hope I can try to update because I'm also taking these few months as a breather to challenge myself and center my focus on my priorities.

I will however update my player soon with loads of my fave tracks to keep you company until I return.

In advance I extend wishes for a 3eid Mbarak...a spooky Halloween...another 3id mbarak...a sexy happy New Year filled with bubbles laughter and new wishes...and a mushy Valentines day all sprinkled in a flute of pinkbubbly with lots of love from me...your PC xxx

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kel 3am winto b5air

Embarak 3alaikm el shahar...Best wishes for a peaceful month filled with love and prayers xx

Monday, August 25, 2008


Sweet dreams for a very starry night...
For the insomniacs who are awake for whatever reason...a soothing lullaby to calm your senses and let your thoughts take you to your late night place xx

Monday, August 18, 2008


This movie always makes me smile...and this song is just old school happiness for me.

My utterly favourite thing about life is that you'll never know what tomorrow brings.
Once in a while you come across a mirror held to your face when you least expect it and allows you look back into a reflection of who you see with lost forgotten remnants of who you used to be...
Once in a while something comes along that inspires you in more ways than one...centers you and lets you just be..
Although I've been busy with calls at work which is why I havent updated in a while, floating is how I would describe myself these last couple of a fast paced world where everything happens in a blink of an eye...where so much of us live for ourselves...a breath of fresh air blows through that takes you back to a slower time, another you...and all of a sudden I realized what the problem was...Just like that, I had simply forgotten.
I forgot how to really pay attention to others...I forgot how to focus on all the positive blessings in my life...I forgot how to empathize and how to not make it all about me...I forgot that sometimes being in control is not always a good thing...a little flexibility goes a long way...and I forgot above everything that in genuine people true humility shines through creating a stronger presence than I could ever have imagined.
Im ecstatic and thankful at the same time for the reminder...I thought nothing could surprise me by now but Im constantly surprised, and in a really good way...Sometimes when you least expect it...a sudden bend in the road brings back beautiful memories of goodness and happiness and optimism....relishes us to suddenly be inspired and motivated once more and comforts us with the knowledge that matter what we are going through...everything really will be alright.

So heres to the bubbly twists and turns of life that take us to better places..I wish you all well xx

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Take A Walk To The Dark Side

I love the dark side, maybe thats why I get a kick out of fall/winter every year...days reduce to a few hours and nights stretch languidly across the is free spirited, inspired by darkness, not bound by weather or practicality...I can layer on as much as I want or walk around in strappy heels happily...either way...textures are richer...colours smoulder...and the world is suddenly grown up and glamorous after the carefree frolic of a summer gone by.
Ive been inspired by quite a few things recently in putting together my key pieces for the upcoming season....old Hollywood glamour is paid homage to by designers all across the an act of rebellion towards the recession and credit crunch hitting the world, the creative world has decided to proact by behaving as one treats a tiresome child..not batting an eye and being in an oblivion to the persistant political insurgent angst that has been going on in the world over the past couple of years casting a depressing shadow over the stratosphere...and rightly so.
The majority of us need a creative outlet to vent and express our dissatisfaction at the daily mundane things we face and I believe most women would rather be damned than allow that to affect their sense of aesthetic.
The fashion world has always been affected by politics, recently since the begining of last century when most ateliers had to close down during the world war only to give rise afterwards to a new kind of fashion...haute couture was replaced by the swinging sixties and psychedelic flower children that emerged from the opposition of the vietnam war at the time and a new ode to peace, with the begining of the sexual revolution that lead to the rock and roll era of the 70's that brimmed with Andy Warhols and Led Zepplins, fashion ventured in a new direction wrapped up in an international glamour and sophistication like one wraps a plush mink around herself, denoted and modelled by women of the Studio 54 era, including the usually straightlaced Jacqueline Kennedy.
I feel this time around, history repeats itself...I look at the plushness of textures, Halstons liquid silk jersey fabrics and Lanvins decadence. Sensuous colours...jet black reigns once more (to my utmost glee) igniting a dark romance in the air, majestic deep purples, neutrals of grey...cream and coffee with splashes of teal, turquoise and bold reds. Sillhouettes and cuts appealing to different women...biased cuts and drapes over the body in casual nonchalance, or wide legged pants and form fitting tops with lots of belts and chunky jewellery...sometimes resistance gives way to creative genius.

Makeup goes uberglam as well with Lancome releasing their first vibrating mascara wand Oscillation (Im a bit dubious about this one) and Chanel sending out the most delicious smoky eye makeup range to add sultriness to the combination.

Until then do something utterly decadent tonight..Im going to light me some gardenia Adele's 'Fool that I am' on repeat and send a glass of pink bubbly wishes your way.

Sleep tight xx

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sweet Dreams

I finally managed to drag myself out of bed after a long and really quiet night at the hospital...its really funny being on call because youre always alert and expecting something or the other to happen and sometimes it'll be one of those nights where nothing goes other than the occasional small happenings that as a physician you'll just have to face...I go to my room and pass out only to hear the phone shrill in my ear with the nurses' equally annoying high pitched voice telling me that a patient is having a tantrum and threatening to go downstairs to the ER if a doctor wont see him...his problem? Hes a minor surgical case with a psychiatric history and wants 3:00 a.m
I refuse and tell her instead to give him a good shot of a painkiller and to encourage him to sleep.

4:30 a.m, the delightful phone shrieks again and the same patient insists the shot was useless. I up the dose with one more shot after sleepily considering his body weight and request her to tell him that maybe if he stopped pacing down the corridors and relaxed he could get some much needed shut eye.

5:15 a.m, I just managed to go into the begining of a dreamless sleep when I hear the phone once more ringing vibrating and blinking frantically lighting up the whole ceiling and in turn waking me...I pick up.."Doctor he wants morphine."

Honestly there was only one way to ease this guy out of his insistent mental state...medically and surgically he was perfectly stable...he'd been marching up and down the corridors all day for the past 14 hours with talk of being bored with nothing to do..."Nurse please give him some lexotanil 1.5mg and let him rest"

"We dont have that in stock here right now can you come down here and write an order for the inpatient pharmacist?"

I pause...the thought of getting up, changing back into my since-6:30 a.m-day-worn clothes and squeezing my aching feet back into my shoes to stumble halfway across the hospital, made me didnt help as I suddenly recalled that Id have to get up earlier to run down to my car and pick up my change of clothes in the morning before the meeting.

I decided to forgo both.
"Sister what do you have?"
"I prefer xanax .25 or.5mg"
"Sorry doctor we dont have either"... No can do.
I sighed.
"Valium it is, Sister..2mg"
"Sorry again doctor we only have 5mg up here"
"God anything,anything Sister"...anything to knock him out and me out of my misery.

6:50 a.m, Im standing with the other residents in a total daze...racoon eyes...brain dead and feet in sheer agony from being in my flats all day...I dream of bubble baths and fresh sheets.
10:34 a.m, Im at home and I.just.cant.sleep...I resign myself to the fact that it'll happen tonight.
The bright side? Its gonna be a loong face breaks into a smile and I ask for some coffee.
Might as well enjoy it from now.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ephemeral and Jolie

Words cant say enough for how I felt after watching this.
I was asked in a tag once what my definition of a woman is and I replied with Strength.
To the women before us and to those today mothers,daughters,sisters around the world with the strength to face lifes challenges...the strength to dream...the strength to face their demons...the strength to pave their own way with their own belief system and to always making sure they looked good while doing it : )

This is part one of the 5 part interview a series of pics will pop up at the end of each at the bottom of the screen find and click on part 2,3 etc of Inside actors studio

Ephemeral I commented on your last comment at the last post..a penny for your thoughts x
Have a good Saturday peoplesss xx

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Bliss

"Because I am a bad girl, people always automatically think that I am a bad girl, or that I carry a dark secret with me or that I'm obsessed with death. The truth is that I am probably the least morbid person one can meet. If I think more about death than some other people, it is probably because I love life more than they do."
Angelina Jolie

Unfortunately last weekend hit a glitch due to family schedule mix ups and an on call at work...I spent the whole week slaving away determined to definitely have the weekend I planned and finally on Thursday I packed, set my music and went to Dubai.
It was absolutely and utterly relaxing...Spent the first night at the Buddha Bar for dinner followed by a decadently dreamy sleep catching up on a much needed snoozefest...following morning breakfast at the Grosvenor house for the yummiest oatmeal berries and honey with double chocolate milk making my sister chuckle at my eight year old sudden whim...
Headed off to watch Wanted and god it was so worth it...Not since Gia released in 1998 have I been moved by a performance by Angelina...she looked absolutely breathtaking and the glow on her face, the strength she exuded comes from the past rollercoaster year of her mother dying and the support of finding an inner place of peace with Brad pitt and her children...I admired her in Gia because as an actress she shed her inhibitions and worked professionally and challengingly for a very graphically raw true account of the story of Gia Carangi that hit very close to home for her...and she made the movie compelling...she delivered a portrayal of brilliance.. performance with shellshocking honesty...alot of other actresses wouldnt be able to pull off what she did.
Maybe thats one of the many things I love about her...Shes a rebel that doesnt aplogize for who she is and yet she cares so much for the world...Shes the UN's High Commissioner for Refugees Emissary..I loved her book 'Notes on my travels'...when you look into her eyes you'll see stories that won't ever be told...cementing my personal philosophy...leave everything to the imagination...She was very open about her sexuality and now with time has a very je ne sais quoi air about her making most people look at her with a mixture of fascination, intimidation and awe...a strange combination reflecting how most are not comfortable in their own humans its such a shame to deny or not acknowledge what we possess.
I followed up the movie with the most blisssssssssful treatment at my favourite spa Sensasia and as the masseur worked on my tension with soft scrubs and milk and frangapani oils...I slipped away into a deep slumber to wake up feeling like I was literally walking on air...the rest of the weekend passed by just as decadently and I made my pilgrimage to Harvey nics to stock up on my Kiehls essentials..Philip B's white truffle hair treatments and a look at my favourite corner...stunning Lanvin.

I leave you with the Gia trailer and kisses for a starry night xx

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Weakness In Me

I spent my birthday yesterday in the O.R working on seven operations back to exhilarating as the O.R is for me,I still wanted to party lol.Midnight started with text and phone calls internationally from some of my closest dearest friends..some that I havent been in touch with in a while..all the way throughout and to the end of the day...every call made my day because as much as I lack a social life here I realized that real friends appreciate you and the good days you give each put me in a happy place and yes lol I will party by treating myself to a gorgeous weekend getaway to treatments..lots of laughter..and overindulgence because like I said before, all I want for now is excess relaxation and bliss.

You know how Oprah feels that she gets bummed when she can't find new books...its like that with me except my passion is different...Ive been bummed because I couldnt find good music and today I want to share with you a really beautiful a stunning track that I came across was the cherry on the cake of a really loving day.

So heres to you my bubblylicious readers...a glass of bubblywishes filled with hope and dreams and all things new...a toast to the ones we love and the ones we have yet to love...and more than anything to another year of fabulous spontaneity and adventure...xx

Friday, July 4, 2008


Armani Prive

Anne Valerie Hash



Burberrys warrior bag


With the fall/winter collections coming out, despite the burning July heat Im already putting together my winter wardrobe for my favourite time of year...Im really loving totes this coming season and I already got a hold of the cream Burberry metallic studded tote which is stunning in real life..the blue Chanel tote is a total lust-have and its going to replace everything except clutches next season for me.
The Couture shows were real eye candy and fun to skim through...Im in love with Christian Lacroix's collection its absolute genius and I found myself lost in the whimsical shapes...contrasting textures and eccentrically artistic palettes of colours that span different eras of time.
New designer at the helm of Valentino, Allesandra Facchinetti pulled off a very whispery and ethereal collection with plenty of chiffon, nudes and black...I cant wait to see her upcoming collections.

I have loads more pics to post of looks Ive pulled from the ready to wear lines but Im exhausted its been a verrrry hectic time so far...thank god for the other extreme in my a creative art that gladly envelopes me in its arms after I get tired of all the academic and realistic aspects of my life...its so soothing to switch back into 'me' mode and feel like a girl...After all my hard work I just want excess everything...relaxation...luxurious pleasures...zenlike calmness....Im in the mood to just spoil myself silly and I think thats the nicest thing about being self posessed...its all about you.

Have a good fourth of July peopless xx

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Tagged by: Fastidious Babe
I will always wear: Black
I will never wear: Animal prints
My bad-clothes-day advice: Don't step out of the house if you're looking less than cuteness.
I Know I look great when: I smile.
Smart travel tip: Im like Fastidious in this cardinal rules...Travel light and moisturize
To me summer means: The world is one big party for three months.

To Fastidious...Cyberspace would be a really boring place without you.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hard Candy

Inspirational and relentless in her quest to push boundaries and defy convention, she's proved herself to be an example to all of us however we choose to lead our lives, of what its like to have a will to live rather than simply exist...and this new album is nothing less than classic Madonna style to charter into new waters...with an urban beat and a hiphop club vibe to it, its a different direction from the polished techno trancey previous Confessions album and a long way from the cheeky playful girl that called everyone out over 20 years ago to take a Holiday.

I love 'Give it to me' with a video directed by fashion photographer Tom Munro, which reminds me of an ode to the superglam 70's era at Studio 54..with its catchy beat and delicious lyrics, Im in the mood to let my hair down and lose myself in the rhythm grooving to the beat...Enjoy the link above

'Miles Away'...'Shes not me'...'beat goes on'...'Devil wouldn't recognize you'...'Voices' are on repeat in my actually the whole album is perfect for summer.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Someone To Watch Over Me

I love the postman :)

It started off as the worst morning that I havent had in a while...even the arrival of my new louby's and fave beauty stash couldn't distract me, I still found myself absolutely devastated...midday in the midst of my darkened mood my eye caught the calender and I almost sighed with relief at the fact that I could have a lame excuse to pin my deeply buried sorrows, had I not been in a serious oblivion of blues..

Despite the fact that Im not superstitious, I'd like to believe that what happened today was due to an unlucky coincidence with time...maybe repressing so much is really not a good thing...sometimes thats the price one has to pay for being so in touch with so much...Ive come to the firm realization that ignorance really can be bliss.

Like a dark looming cloud it sailed away, thanks in all part to to the bestest presence in my life who keeps making everything okay when I feel like nothing can be alright again...Noone can stick around the way you do and noone can deal with my temporary bouts of insanity with such dignified assertiveness and compassion as youve shown..If I havent been blessed with ignorance, Ive definitely been blessed with you xx

Its almost midnight and the better part of the evening definitely brightened up...Im going to sign off with a toasting ritual from Fastidious Babe.

To the people in our lives who keep us grounded and remind us to smile
Have a starry night xoxo

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Readers requests

I got a question the other night from one of my bubblylicious readers asking me about her skincare concerns..I promised to to post in my next entry.

"spots. blackheads. and when your face doesnt have that glow. i hate putting make up on. i just hate seeing my face look so dull."

It sounds like you have combination skin...the breakouts, and the 'dullness' is a result of dryness and lack of exfoliation...The natural skin cycle where new cells come up to the surface and older ones are shed off naturally takes about 22 we get older this cycle takes longer with cells rising to the surface and clumping up on your doesnt help moisturizer penetrate your skin and the clumps reflect the light rays haphazardly to give a dull looking appearance...oil and bacteria are trapped under the skin and give you blemishes...the blackheads are a result of oil and dead skin cells clogged in the pore itself which when exposed to air oxidize to produce the dark colour you see.
To help facilitate the process you need to regularly polish your skin yourself with a scrub suited for your skin type twice a week or have sessions of microdermabrasion at a skin clinic.
I recommend you start with a gentle babysoft cleanser twice a day so you wont irritate your skin...Dermalogica ultracalming cleanser...Natura Bisse cleanser for sensitive skin...Cle De Peau fraiche (found at Faces is delicious and I think will work really well for you) and the gold standard Cetaphil (found at most drugstores).
During the day apply a light oil free moisturizer and at night youll need something that can internally work to exfoliate...I literally swear by Chanels microsolutions ampoules...21 small ampoules for 21 days applied at night containing 10% Glycolic acid work gently on your skin without redness peeling or can follow that up with the same moisurizer you used in the morning...Hydramax gel cream works well in tandem with any kind of blemish treatment and wont interfere in the treatment.
Keep a bottle of Mario Badescu drying lotion at hand (found in Areej) to put on new spots at night...they clear up quickly in 2-3 days with this...or dot some Clinique emergency masque on problem areas and let it dry out blemishes while you snooze.
Depending on how bad the breakouts are you could go to a derm and ask for Minocin antibiotic tabs for 1-3 months as well as having a full blood workup to check on hormone levels that are strongly linked to acne.
As for makeup steer clear of any foundation this summer..its not going to help you...if you need cover try Clarins Teint Souffle its gorgeous..or mineral foundation Barescentuals does a great job, found at Sephora.
Keep your makeup brushes regularly clean..change your pillow cases daily and keep hair and hands off your face.
Try this for 21 days and we can move on to the next step when youre done..the key is you jut have to be patient.
Keep me posted.

To the Anonymous music request...I posted lots of my fave tracks on youtube videos before I installed my player you can look through those and heres a quickie list of my own according to my mood today

Miles away-Madonna
Devil wouldnt recognize you-Madonna

Let me think about it-Ida Corr (I blast this on my way out of the hospital after a long day on my feet)
Im that chick-Mariah Carey

Early evening:
Paris lounge-Llorca
Seemingly sleepy-late night alumni
Cant get enough of your love-Barry white (ultimate feel good happy song)
Tell me what you want-Mase feat.Total
Close to you-Maxi Priest ( 20 years on and Im still in love with the beat theres nothing sexier than this)
The mating game-Bittersweet

More than ever people-Levitation
Ride it-Jay sean
Anything by Sade

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


1. I love to eat dessert before dinner.

2. I pour Tabasco Habanero sauce on almost everything.

3. As sexist as this sounds my morning drives to work...and to the fact anywhere, have grounded my firm belief that women drivers are insane..theyre best left to chauffeurs.

4.I love to drop random scandalous comments in the middle of a conversation for the kick of the shock value :)

5.When Im bored I amuse myself internally by studying people intently and discover things that the person in front of me wouldn't want me to know.

6.I have morning music, afternoon music, evening music and late night tunes all divided into those categories and Ill play those tracks according to my mood.

Im a hippie at heart.

Love you lots Nyxxie...get out of the boardroom!
Kytheria...have a good one x

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Everyday is a weekend

The season officially starts....Bust out the bikinis and the gorgeous cover ups...don on the grecian sandals and make sure your ipods list is full of pumping summer tunes...Hang on, we forgot something important...summertimes slew of skin concerns...the right SPF...the perfect moisturizer...shine control and the eternal to keep summer hair silky smooth at the beach and outdoors...Well worry not, Bubbly's here to the rescue with some of the most wondrous discoveries and advice for my favorite bubblylicious readers.

For the past few years Ive been a loyal of Chanel's Hydramax and whomever I have recommended it to has led to a cult following...simply because it works...
The delicious scent...the continuous moisture all day and all night and now they've launched a newer version...Hydramax Active which means an even better result for your skin.
Although it comes in three different textures I recommend the Cream Gel for can do what I did and switch to Cream for winter...thats so lushhhhhhh....there's also a tinted moisturizer for days at the beach or simply at work...I mean who wants to hit work in the morning with foundation in the summer?

After all of my loyalty to Hydramax which was a part of my secret to my flawless skin, lol the rest is genetics...I realized that I needed something more than moisture for me...I wanted a simple moisturizer for sensitive skin that works as an anti-aging product too (prevention is better than cure)...although there are a hundred million claims from different luxury brands, with my beauty savvy I knew which one I had to channel for myself personally...and so I headed to the beauty counter bought the items and went home to test run it through my standard 8 vigorous weeks of testing...and Im happy to report my skin thanked me by revealing dewy fresh baby softness...Im hooked for life!
I love the La Mer Gel Creme formulation and the fantastic Face Mist that is perfect for trips to the beach to boost moisture levels or even a spray indoors at home or work to combat drying effects of the airconditioning system.
The Refining Facial is divinityyyyy....its the perfect exfoliator with real diamond dust that glide so softly on your kin to reveal a fresher you.
Oil control throughout the day? No problem Creme de la mer's Oil Absorbing Lotion nixxes shine beautifully.


Clarins UV PLUS SPF 40 merged wth e3p their antipollution screen tp produce divinity results...goes on as light as air on your face and leaves no greasy residue.
For the body I love Neutrogena SPF 85 drytouch and it comes in a cooling version spray for serious coverage of hard to reach your skin later with an aloe vera spray and a milk bath and dont forget to carry Clarins SOS sunburning relief stick and balm.
Self tanners are Fake Bake....ModelCo and the gold standard St Tropez.
For the fairer paler ones like me Ive found the most delicious products formulated especially for pale finalyyyyyy...Clarins delicious self tanning cream...and Cliniques touch of bronze.
Dont forget to scrub and moisturize with Kiehls Soy body polish and Creme De Corp in Light before applying.

Kerastase has the cutest soleil range to protect your hair from sun chlorine in the pool and damage...and an overnight product to work on your tresses to transform them into silk by morning
Im loving Frederic Fekkai's Lavender and Honey conditioner to soothe dry scalps and the Shea Butter Shampoo and Mask post beach exposure.
Wrap your hair in a silk scarf to protect it from the suns rays...crucial for those with coloured hair...I love Pucci and Missoni for their fresh bursts of colour.


The look this summer is ultra glam....dab on some a soft lipbalm or Chanels aqualumiere lipshine...the texture made me melt its stunning...Guerlains range this season is divine...swirl a brush over their terracotta moisturizing powder or spray with their bronze spray in three colours light medium and dark for different intensities..then add a light tint to your cheeks,,,Benefits Poisie is like their cult Benetint except
its a fresh pink...or go for the Nars stick in orgasm.
Keep your nails with fresh colours...I discovered Chanel in Cassis and Cherry

Now that your armed and fabulous dont forget to put on your sexy oversized shades on your way out, theyre useful in more ways than one ;)
Bubblywishes to a sexy fantabulous uninhibited summer...go knock yourselves out!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Theres a moment of peace. A moment of stillness that washes over me. In that place in time I feel the nanoseconds stretch into an eternity...all that Ive ever known and all that could ever occur, come together to wake me up from my trancelike state of realism.

I never dreamed of it...It definitely catches me off guard...Through my eyes if I could define it,life is in moments.
Through the silence I expect to feel nothing...its who I am...
I stood and the quietness screamed back at me, deafening me with ambivalence...mixed emotions and only one voice in my head resonating within voice breaking free of my self imposed restrictions to tell me what I already know.
Even after all, here...Im glad that detachment and reality failed to function.
Its good to feel.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stellar constellation

The twilight dusk submerges into the protective arms of nightfall...the sky surrounds the city in a blanket of lush comfort...Saturn burns brightly in the distance, twinkling like an elusive memory whilst its neighbouring stars nestled in black velvet cloak folds look on and glimmer in turn like a pedestrian crossing...
The smell of the summer heat drifts into a deep slumber awakening with the sun the next morning to once again watch the world rise and rush off to their frantic daily morning rituals...For thousands of years...through life and man...the rise and fall of empires...the history of the thing has remained constant...the moon and the stars preordained to watch over the world...could they talk they would have a million tales to tell.
In my childhood the sky was a constant source of fascination...Id hang upside down from swings and look up at the fluffy clouds sailing happily away and make out faces in the folds of white and grey...with every swing Id stretch out my hand believing I could touch the sky and when I just couldnt make it Id think logically to myself that I needed to grow taller...
As a young woman during my exam times in college, Id leave my books beside the fireplace to take a breather and step out into the balcony to be greeted by the cold fresh night air in the midst of winter...Id throw my head back and through the misty skies Id watch the clouds part to reveal the twinkling skies...a hundred incandescent stars that glittered furiously so close to me Id once again feel that familiar urge of reaching out to catch one...and as I searched for the random off-chance of finding a shooting star to wish on for my examination paper the moon looked down on me...she floated perfectly in the centre of the world like a maestro orchestrating a thousand and one nights of whimsical symphonies in her perfect stillness.
According to the centuries age old cycle..every season a butterfly has to break free of her cocoon and spread her I am once more going through another metamorphosis...happily engaging in a new place to sojourn...thought time would douse my fires of idealism with a healthy dose of cynicism...Didn't you know me better?

I sit here tonight with another tale for the sky to I write a smile tugs at the corner of my mouth..I wish I could articulate...for another time...because that is an entirely different story...Sweet dreams xx

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wanderlust and Balmy Weather

Although we're in May, judging by the weather here its officially summer..five more months to go until I take my annual winter vacation for two months and jet off to the sexier parts of the world...why do I love travelling in winter? I get to experience a country in its natural state of huge influx of congested insanity at the boutique counters...streets with the local population walking around who can actually give you directions...and the best part...the fall/winter wardrobe with no heat to mess up your hair and skin...just gorgeous breezy days and chilly nights experiencing the splendor of a city in all its glory.
As for summer here the good thing is I get to make it to work on time with no crazy rush hour in the mornings so I sleep in an extra 15 min :D..Balmy evenings so far, relaxing to a good tune and a good book...most patients are away on summer holidays so the extra time allows me to delve into hobbies and new things especially as my new year resolutions this year was not to make any...I find myself interested in fun light things...Im taking up French officially finallyyyyyy and my tutor is supposed to come over and study with me for a year so Im really looking forward to gym sessions will kick off seriously to keep myself healthy and I have yet to compile this years summer reading list..a tradition since high school that I enjoy although I do have a couple of books that Im supposed to get into soon..
I have yet to find a weekend hangout that I can laze around in while working on a tan...Im open to any good suggestions...AD still needs to branch into summer leisure time..but so far so looks like its going to be a quiet peaceful one.
This summer will definitely be a spa one...The Iwona Spa in Dubai has the infamous oxygen facials that Madonna swears by..and my personal favourite Sensasia spa will be opening their new branch in the Palm very soon..they have the most delicious treatments...theres more that I plan on visiting on the weekends and I will update with reviews..In AD the Antara spa in Emirates palace comes highly recommended...I have yet to pay them a visit and check out their spa menu...good fun.
Arcona beauty a long kept secret of Hollywood who owe their fresh dewy complexions to it, has opened its doors to the world and given access to all the girlies out there by selling their products as well as adverstising themselves...they use the most natural effective ingredients produced under cold temperatures to preserve the vitamens contained...the enzyme peel treatments sound so utterly divine I cant wait to try them when I go there.
Yippy Skippy! I went from being a total techno blonde who couldnt upload pics to posting my very own mini ipod honour of my technosavviness lmao Im dedicating this track to you..Heres a toast of bubbly cheers to summer nights and lazy days.

Sweet dreams xxx

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tag youre it

So Nyxxie decided to tag me...I have to answer some of her questions and yay theyre all beauty related...the best part of it is that updating has been at the back of my mind for the past couple of days but I couldnt get around to it with my laziness...the heatstroke I almost passed out from yesterday and mmmmn well nothing except patients and yada yada yadaaaaaaaa.
Yippy skippy this will suffice until my next update..lotssss of beauty news in it.
Nyxxie *hugs*

The contents of my makeup bag are :
Guerlains Beige Vanille gloss
Bobbi Browns pressed compact in Sand
Chanel rose petale blush

My Favorite Makeup Product is:
I'm so old school...Coco did say that a woman must always be prepared (actually dressed) in case she has a date with my case I have to be ready to bat my eyelashes at destiny lmao so it's mascara and lol no I cant choose just one...too many options :D

My perfume:
Something soft and mysterious...I love Lanvin Arpege...Tom Ford's Black Violet...Nyxxie got me hooked onto Amouage Dia since last ramadan its my replacement for No.5 and me loves me loads of Chanel's 31 Rue Cambon.

My Ultimate Dream:
Making all the other dreams come true.

How do I define womanhood:

Woman I admire for her beauty:
My grandmother.

My beauty product brand is:
light and gentle for my super sensitive varies alot with the weather and skin changes...I tend to stick to the same moisturizer throughout the year (Chanel's Hydramax) and add a night potion or switch a cleanser according to my skins needs.

Day cream:
Currently am on La Mer's gel cream.

Essential beauty product:
Chanel's advanced microrefining peel program.

Three products(besides solar) to bring on a deserted island:
Body moisturizer
Shampoo/conditioner (Ill assume kerastase produces a two in one just for the occasion by then :D)
Pierce Brosnan.

Woman with the best sense of style:
Im inspired by the classics and I love to keep a modern fresh twist on things..Audrey Hepburn is timeless.

My favourite fashion publication:

*Hugs* Nyxxie xoxoxo

I tag Fastidious babe :D

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Way We were

"I'll look around
And when I've found someone
Who laughs like you
I'll know this love
I'm dreaming of
Won't be the old love
I always knew"
Madeline Peyroux

I dont exactly recall what brought up this movie into my mind today...maybe the song lyrics above as I was calmly driving along the beach front on my way back home from a gorgeously packed day at work....maybe the emotional simple depth of her voice saying things that in a good deal of time haven't touched my soul,with the added background music intoxicating me into relaxation...either way it took me back to a long time when I saw the movie 'The way we were' years ago and oh...I fell in love with the story..without giving the story line away the song and movie are entwined in a beautifully poetic way even though they were made in different generation...nothing gives me a sense of security like nostalgia...its always special to look back in time and remember all the different things that moved you...made you smile and gave you things to reflect on....honestly sometimes its the best escape into the recesses of your mind from a world we just dont want to deal with at times.

Barbara Streisand need I say more? One of the worlds most timless legends...her movies...her music...her strong personality...shes very notorious for being a force to be reckoned with in the industry and at every concert the woman gets a well deserved longstanding ovation and passionate screams of an encore for her sheer artistry...honestly who can blame them...I wish they made music the way they used to these days.

Its struck me during the movie how insightful the human psyche is...After all these years you can still see a similarity between what the characters were facing and what we face today...the director did a beautiful job with his insight...Robert Redford is dreamy and plays his part in such a way that as the story unfolds you begin to be swept away with realistic storyline and empathize with the both of them to give you something to think percieve an unbiased balanced point of view of the complexities of life and relationships...the message it leaves you with is powerful and keeps you reflecting long after its over...its a timeless masterpiece of cinematic history.

Heres the beautiful song from the equally touching movie...I added a movie clip for you to enjoy...who knows...maybe it will awaken a part of you that you thought didnt exist with all the mainstream commercial noise going around these days. Here are a couple of extra songs to chill you out before you go to 'The way we were' videos.
Dance me to the end of love and Ill look around...knock yourselves out :)

Hugs to you sexy peoplessss xxx

Friday, April 25, 2008

Frolick in the sand or lounge on a yacht :)


I finally found the beach items I needed to make this a perfect heres the hard part you decide...Rose or Violet?

Wouldnt be PinkChampagne without my champagne wardrobe lol
Gorgeous silk top and pants with my trusty Pedros <3>
Aaaah The bane of my existance...Ive been looking for this shade of red since forever every season
Lets hope this year I can add to my collection

Summer is finally here! well almost :)
For me that means carefree days...great music and lazy afternoons getting together with friends ignoring responsibilities and deep issues..although with the humidity its not fun weather in this place but hey,...its all worth it...this season has gorgeous S/S 08 wardrobes that Ive been loving delving into and Ive been skipping to work with thoughts of new additions to my new summer wardrobe...God its great to be a girl :D
So much has been happening over time on both a personal and profession level.
With the heat slowly seeping into the city alternating with the occasional warm breeze I feel the urge to begin a new chapter of my life...stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new sssexy things...maybe that pilots licence Ive lusted over since forever...continuation with My French tutor at home to perfect the ultimate language of sultriness or finally get that gorgeous honey dipped golden tan that Ive always wanted :)
My annual time off work is this winter as usual where I get to spend 9 glorious weeks traveling to fun places...My first option is New York followed by Boston Cali and DC and last but not least a stopover in london or Paris or maybe the gorgeous Italian islands of Portofino and Scicily...maybe Rome...who cares...the world is our much time and so little to do...but this time after settling at work and having my consultants happy with me being on top of my work I feel that its time for a new revamped moi...Every now and then I morph into a better more adventurous version of another me and never look back.
The best thing about summer is that I unfailingly begin my high school ritual of compiling my summer reading list (any suggestions would be welcomed xx) and of course who can forget Sex and the City the movie...I picked up 27 dresses after work right now and Im glad I have time to enjoy this weekend chilling out with a lighthearted comedy.
I think with every season and every age it's always good to set something to look forward prevents life from getting bland especially with the whole new world we live in to discover...After all the phases and lives Ive lived...I feel that Ive only scratched the surface...I look forward to all that life has to offer be it good or bad...because at the end of the day the even the bad leaves you with lessons you will never forget to enrich the spirit...depending on how you look at it :)
I think the problem with our generation is that we want too much too fast...looking back at the most successful people in the world who have left a legacy or a mark...the key to their success was determination, faith and patience...Im pretty laid back because I believe in the goodness of the world...karma...and I believe in myself and my potential...for me its not about success rather more than about reaching goals and being really happy with the sense of achievement of making my dreams come true.
For now its baby steps...Ive done that my whole life and Im really glad of where I stand today...I think the best advice I could ever give is live your life like you have nothing to lose..immerse yourself in it..make your mistakes and stay true to yourself...last but not least don't give a damn what other people think..either theyre too scared to follow their own dreams...afraid to non conform or are just plain judgmental which is really sad...Raise the bar and rather than talk about it represent yourself with your actions and if you screw up..youre human..theres always tomorrow to set things right...we have a responsibility to inspire each other and the generations after us, the same way our older generations inspired us with their wisdom...but always always do it with a twist because life has a sense of humour...inject your personality in everything you do and you will never fail...not succeeding doesn't mean you failed if you had enough courage to follow your deepest wishes.

On a lighter note...Ive been having a blast of a time...thats for another entry...for now I leave you with my favourite part of my entries...a couple of my favourite childhood carefree songs to kickstart your weekend
Lots of love and bubbly hugs

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Ive been inspired by many people growing up...when applying for college I'd come across the question 'Who is your role model?' countless times and it always made me think to myself...I have none.
I appreciate the different facets that make up different personalities...I love all sorts of unique and quirky traits...and Ive always admired specific qualitites to the vast majority of people that have touched my label someone a role model would be to put them on a pedestal to only realize after much adulation that they are after all only human...thus explaining my point that we are so interesting and complex...the many layers that make us up are too deep to limit to only one person...and my goal has always been to produce a better version of myself with each passing day and with every phase now and then I look at how Ive morphed and what my ideal ways of reaching my own finish line are before competing against myself to finally put a tick next to my new accomplishment be it personal or professional.
The medical field has always been academic and clinical...Physicians are trained to focus on that and have a sense of responsibility and detachment to the point where Im surrounded by excellent doctors hospitals over who have lost their lives in the world of their own passion treating diseases and ailments and accomplishing their own sense of satisfaction with every successful procedure or degree attained...but yet are out of touch with their private selves and personal lives.
As a woman with her own sense of self possession I realize that yes I love my profession to bits and I have lots to look forward to in terms of achieving with the coming years, but I have a deep rooted sense of being a woman that I believe is wholly crucial in maintaining a sense of identity...femininity is after all what separates us from the boys...and the fun that Ive had in this life being a girl I would do all over again if I had to...Im not a feminist in any way and Ive never believed in equal girlish creatures of the complex land we are bestowed with rights by just staying true to who we are and what we want out of life.
Whilst watching the primaries a while ago I noticed Hillary Clintons ratings drop in favour of Barack Obama..At one point infamous and highly esteemed fashion maven Anna Wintour invited Hilary for the highly coveted cover of a Vogue photoshoot...Latin sensation Jennifer Lopez has never been invited for one, but Hilary got the chance to empower females across the country and the power of fashion media to send her message across the entire world...Diana did it...Jacqueline Kennedy embraced it...Hillary Clinton?
She was afraid she would have subjected herself to ridicule and barbie jokes across Capitol Hill and the rest of the running like a man she was denying herself the truth of who she actually was and rather than stay true to herself and unapologetically embrace it she avoided the obvious and who can trust that? Ratings dropped everywhere.
Imagine my delight when I discovered Lisa Airan a couple of years ago.
Dr Lisa Airan is one of Manhattan's most prominent cosmetic dermatologists...after Oprah she became a world renowned one and has an impressive resume to match.
Not just a pretty face she has combined her love of aesthetics with her flair of fashion to create a blend of medicine and femininity...the results? Gorgeousness.
Dr Airan epitomizes everything I celebrate and respect in a woman...her face has graced the pages of Vogue many times and it seems that she just cant stop working and having a blast whilst shes doing it...if that doesnt inspire then I do not know what will..for now all I can say is I cant wait to meet her this summer hopefully because she's the only person in this world whom I can trust with my skin...That is until I get my own degree.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The mating game

I couldnt not post this week =D...lots of work and a million things to do...Ill update soon sometime midweek...left you all with an ultimate favourite track to enjoy...sleep tight.
Hugs xx

Monday, March 31, 2008


Back in 92 when I was 12 I heard a track called 'Cant let go' followed by 'I dont wanna cry'...for the next few minutes I was completely entraced...they were a gorgeous beautiful melancholic pieces of work that spoke out to me in the voice...Id never heard anything like that..It was the 90's after all and we had the begining of R&B and some of the greatest songs ever produced in that era...but there was something about this woman that touched 1995 her album Daydream was my album of the year and my favourite track was 'underneath the stars' a poetic portrayal of the innocence of first love and the purity of succumbing to a power that overwhelms and hypnotizes you to another realm of existance...where nothing in this world could ever matter.

I love her because she was with me all the way from 12 to 27...her music and girly life have inspired me...gave me an outlet when I needed it and I have some of the best memories of my life to alot of her albums...they take me to different times and different places.

I was fortunate to meet her twice in 2002 once in a concert and the next day I met her in person...shes got gorgeous flawless skin and is incredibly sweet...I framed her autograph and its one of my favourite memories in the world.

Shes truly one of the bestselling artists of our time not only because of her voice but because she writes her own lyrics herself on each and every song...and theyre deep...theyre utterly romantic...and they take you away..

The song above is from her new album and the songs Im posting below are the favourites I love and wanted to share with you...have a relaxing evening xx