Sunday, May 31, 2009

Red Velvets..

So I spent the afternoon with my little sister Queen Fi (who's my bestest friend in the world and has magic fingers mashalla when it comes to whipping up our favourite dishes, its the aura that comes from them...all love) making the infamous London Hummingbird Cupcakes' from their secret recipe...getting it, no easy feat I tell you.
Behold beneath you, the image of the exact same rich taste..decadently mouthmelting buttery icing and a whole lot of laughter as we created utter magic.



Queen Fi's magical hands x

Have yourselves a really fun evening xx

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stella Paris '09

Kate Bosworth wore her creations at this years Costume Institute Gala. I fell in love with the jumpsuit and envisioned long standed pearls, perched on a chaise lounge..Stella always adds a sexy fresh twist to daily dressing whether its day or night and this years collection is just as cute as last winters.

Classic never looked so good.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Chill out and unwind to this sexiness..

Have yourself a luscious Friday night xx

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Holistic Detox

Princess Diana couldnt get enough of his treatments, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss and Sadie Frost raved about him incessantly...I was intrigued.
I read his book last year and was really impressed with his simple sensible healthy detox plan that I tried to adopt and then decided to see for myself this January what the hype was all about.
I was greeted by a receptionist who gave me the usual questionaire to fill out in most medical, habits, medical history etc..There were shelves filled with his organic remedies and healthy food constituents.
I saw a girl walk in followed by a man who took a small vial of liquid added a few drops of something else from a jar, shake it and pass it on to her with words of encouragement and requesting to see her in two weeks time.
He then turned to me and smiled...In his crisp British Indian accent he introduced himself as Joshi and lead me up a narrow staircase to his airy office...very calm and relaxed we talked about my hectic lifestyle, my chronic insomnia and how I just needed to feel perkier after the insane past year I had.
After the discussion he advised me on a session of acupuncture and quite a healthy dose of his detox meds as well as continuing on his food advice. I was lead to a massgae table in the middle of the room and he placed the needles in my feet, my arms,my forehead and ears..surprisingly I didnt feel a thing..He left the room for a while whilst I had a Juliette Binoche lookalike therapist come in quietly to check on me..I was expecting to feel sudden tranquility or euphoria but disappointingly didnt.
After the session he led me downstairs with a load of his detox meds to suit each requirement he diagnosed and a sheet of advice on food with a stress on soya milk. We arranged a follow up appointment and he warmly set me off on my way.
As I walked down the street ten minutes later I felt like I was floating on all my blocked chakras internally were sparkly bursting bubbles..I went home took the herbal remedies and the next morning I was glowing.
I'm back on his detox today and its a good thing to do from time to time..his clinic now has introduced in conjunction a very lavish gym for yoga and other chakra relaxing work with a personal trainer for a complete holistic body program.

You can contact him at


Friday, May 15, 2009

Opulent Glamour

Along with the eagerly anticipated Chanel movie, this winter the movie musical Nine is set to be released..not only does it cast every single actor I love in it (Nicole Kidman,Daniel Day Lewis,Penelope Cruz,Kate Hudson <3 )Marion Cotillard and Dame Judi Dench..but it looks like one of those cinematic artistic masterpieces that transport you to another time and place.

Once again, Im thrilled the weekends here..I think we should add another day to the week and call it Funday lol..Either way, I hope you all have an utterly relaxing Friday xx

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Underneath the Stars

It was one of the best weekends Ive had in a really long time...we lazily lounged and relaxed, met some fabulous new friends and laughed so much all through the entire night over a really long chilled candlelit dinner dressed in robes amidst the backdrop of sailing yachts and the twinkling stars.

Bubblycheers to carefree pleasures xx

Friday, May 8, 2009


Last night, I heard this beautifully heartfelt ballad..The vocals are a stunning showcase of art.

There is a time in life when we think we've done our best..but we havent come even close..we take things for granted and are happy with the justifications we give ourselves..and just when we realize the err of our ways we look around and its too late..much too late.
What did we expect?

Enjoy your Friday xx

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Model as Muse

Monday night held the annual Costume Intitute Gala at the Met..None appealed to me except these three.

Looooooove the hair and makeup although the lower part of the dress was hideous so I cropped it lmao

Shes just genetically blessed and they make the cutesttttt couple!

My perfect evening silk, beautiful lace and a sultry smile. Works every time x

Audrey For Chanel

In honour of her depiction as Coco Chanel in the new movie, Audrey Tatou has become the latest icon following Deneuve and Kidman to portray the timeless No.5. With Billie Holiday crooning in the background and the summer drawing near, we're taken back to a slower place in time...eternally classic xx

Friday, May 1, 2009

Wake up to..

A romantic comedy dubbed as the modern Breakfast at Tiffanys..Perfect for an afternoon cosied up with your bestie and a healthy dose of your favourite comfort food :)

Ive really started enjoying Fridays..its the mid weekend day and mornings are fun to wake up and lazily stretch out to unless you blink realize its friday and snooze once more (heaven!!)...I drink my chai, aimlessly read through the paper and breakfast is always my once a week proper sit down treat..Ive been affected by Susan Boyles music so much that todays music tune was Bocelli and Brightman's 'time to say goodbye'..Ive posted it below for you guys whilst you plan the rest of your weekend.

Have a relaxing Friday xx