Monday, March 31, 2008


Back in 92 when I was 12 I heard a track called 'Cant let go' followed by 'I dont wanna cry'...for the next few minutes I was completely entraced...they were a gorgeous beautiful melancholic pieces of work that spoke out to me in the voice...Id never heard anything like that..It was the 90's after all and we had the begining of R&B and some of the greatest songs ever produced in that era...but there was something about this woman that touched 1995 her album Daydream was my album of the year and my favourite track was 'underneath the stars' a poetic portrayal of the innocence of first love and the purity of succumbing to a power that overwhelms and hypnotizes you to another realm of existance...where nothing in this world could ever matter.

I love her because she was with me all the way from 12 to 27...her music and girly life have inspired me...gave me an outlet when I needed it and I have some of the best memories of my life to alot of her albums...they take me to different times and different places.

I was fortunate to meet her twice in 2002 once in a concert and the next day I met her in person...shes got gorgeous flawless skin and is incredibly sweet...I framed her autograph and its one of my favourite memories in the world.

Shes truly one of the bestselling artists of our time not only because of her voice but because she writes her own lyrics herself on each and every song...and theyre deep...theyre utterly romantic...and they take you away..

The song above is from her new album and the songs Im posting below are the favourites I love and wanted to share with you...have a relaxing evening xx

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Dreamy said...

what a coincident, I was listening to her new album when I decided to check ur blog.

I still remember that phase of my life when I was hooked to her songs esp "underneath the stars", I was madly truly deeply in love with the lyrics of her songs.

aww you are at my age =) ..