Monday, March 31, 2008


Back in 92 when I was 12 I heard a track called 'Cant let go' followed by 'I dont wanna cry'...for the next few minutes I was completely entraced...they were a gorgeous beautiful melancholic pieces of work that spoke out to me in the voice...Id never heard anything like that..It was the 90's after all and we had the begining of R&B and some of the greatest songs ever produced in that era...but there was something about this woman that touched 1995 her album Daydream was my album of the year and my favourite track was 'underneath the stars' a poetic portrayal of the innocence of first love and the purity of succumbing to a power that overwhelms and hypnotizes you to another realm of existance...where nothing in this world could ever matter.

I love her because she was with me all the way from 12 to 27...her music and girly life have inspired me...gave me an outlet when I needed it and I have some of the best memories of my life to alot of her albums...they take me to different times and different places.

I was fortunate to meet her twice in 2002 once in a concert and the next day I met her in person...shes got gorgeous flawless skin and is incredibly sweet...I framed her autograph and its one of my favourite memories in the world.

Shes truly one of the bestselling artists of our time not only because of her voice but because she writes her own lyrics herself on each and every song...and theyre deep...theyre utterly romantic...and they take you away..

The song above is from her new album and the songs Im posting below are the favourites I love and wanted to share with you...have a relaxing evening xx

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A day in the life of an insomniac

Love this vintage style calendar <3>

Quickie 5 min touch up to look fresh...Chanels facepowder/subtle highlighter..fave blush...a stain of Beige Vanille Guerlain on my lips and a spritz of my signature Chanel scent as Coco used to your perfume wherever youd like to be kissed *swoon*
Must haves...Shiseido hand cream...Agenda Im also an amnesiac now lol...little notebook for quick rounds and ssexy betty boop for longer notes to prepare..of course the surgical handbook for quick info at your fingertips...I have to find my Oxford one :S

Hopping in the car

Driving to work in the morning with my beloved lounge music or Fairouz <3

Weekly update on new advances in surgery

Journal club for discussion of latest surgical literature published in journals

View from conference room with sunlight streaming in

The on call call no Greys Anatomy Mcsteamy and Mcdreamy antics going on in here.

The black coffee ritual...lets just say its a jolt that shocks your system and allows you to function

Nursing station where al the patients files are written up on and lab tests checked on during rounds.

Work station where we write most reports and gather together to discuss patients on our morning rounds

Oscar and Lucy (I have to change their names) cheer me up every day at the nursing station

Daily ritual of unwinding to music online

lol reading material tonight...Vogue and a surgical literature paper

Out of the kazillion Chanels I own I

Couldnt decide which everyday bag to change into to...finally the reissue won :)

My private room where I get to unwind and get treated like royalty with my favourite beauticians

The sssexiest shade of red ever invented on my freshly parafined toes..soft as a babys butt :D

theres the cutest surprise in there for myself

I had to get the shoes to match with this Champagne coloured evening bag...dreamy

This picure just does no justice (click pic for a close up)...its sparkly and is a sexy statement to a simple look

Fell in love with a black cashmere dress that is so Coco and so me...just add my Chanel ballerina flats and some pearls and lounge at home in.
Heres a gorgeous gray taffeta skirt that I have to have and deciding between two swimsuits
Also picked a cute hoodie to make my jeans looks sssexier :p

Moms day present :)

My cant live without Chanel No.5 milk bath and bath oil (Ive been loyal for seven years now) with origins nitghttime antioxidant mask and my softttttt snuggly bathrobe..cosiness doesnt get better than this :)

Im addicited to quiet sensuous lighting before bed especially since med school

My fave scent along with Diptyques Gardenia and Jo malones Pomegranate..heavenly sleep x
Have a starry night xxxx

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What it feels like for a Doctor

Initial incision and exploration

Professor,specialist and :)

Holding the tumour.

"There's this whole ritual around going into the OR for a transplant that makes me feel like a high priest going into the temple: I cleanse myself, the patient is cleansed, and we go to a sterile environment.
The donor heart arrives in a cooler, and it feels like frozen turkey. It's about the same color, too. And slippery. Sewing it in should take less than forty-five minutes. To make sure no air gets in, the final sutures are put in underwater — under blood, actually. It's sort of like having sex: You need to feel the stitch. You sense the tip of the needle, and it has to feel correct — you're not going in too far, or missing the tissue, or getting too small a bite. As you're sewing, the heart starts to fill with blood. You have to time the last suture just right, just as the blood gets to the top.
The real anxiety comes when both clamps are removed and the blood starts flowing with pressure through the heart. That's when I can't help but wonder if I just killed someone. The new heart jumps around, trying to get its rhythm, like a fish flopping in a bucket of blood. Sometimes it can't. It just fibrillates, beating spastically, and we have to shock it.
The first five minutes are the most critical. If the heart turns from cream to pink, the color of a juicy steak, we're optimistic. There's this incredible feeling of bliss, like we've just reached our Zen moment. The high fives come out. But if it turns dark red and looks bruised, it's damaged, sometimes irreversibly. Then we close the skin up with number-two nylon, and I go out to tell the family I'm sorry."

Dr Mehmet Oz, World renowed Cardiac surgeon.

We had a patient come in diagnosed with a tumour in the abdomen scheduled for excision. On examination the mass was partially small and mobile.
After we opened her up I was so shocked to see the size of the tumour...literally it was the size of a fist.The worst part of it all was that it was so attached to the surrounding organs by adhesions that the Professor couldnt tell where the source of the tumour was...the pancreas was wrapped around it...was apprehensive about cutting off the bile duct by he decided to go for a Whipple.

In the Whipple operation the head of the pancreas, a portion of the bile duct, the gallbladder and the duodenum is removed. Occasionally a portion of the stomach may also be removed. After removal of these structures the remaining pancreas, bile duct and the intestine is sutured back into the intestine to direct the gastrointestinal secretions back into the gut and allow the patient to have normal functions...the tumour was extremely vascular and it took a really long time to carefully dissect it out without causing serious bleeders..After almost four tense hours the tumour was out...the anastomosis was done...the drains inserted to prevent collections of fluids in the abdomen postoperatively and we closed up the skin.

It was the most thrilling experience be a part of helping someone in that way is something I cant pushes you...drives you...and brings you a sense of exhilaration...Im so grateful everyday for learning and for being given the privilege to continously keep that learning process undergoing until enshalla one day many years from now I will master it to an art.

The patient is recovering well el7amdilah and her prayers to the Professor on the round the next day just humbled me because this is what its all about...we strive to improve ourselves as people and physicians everyday...and through all the personal struggles we have in our daily lives...the work problems and challenges we face as the beginners of the long road ahead of us...those prayers are what keep us going.

Friday, March 7, 2008

My la-la land

Im currently at work right now...on gorgeous Friday morning...its peaceful and really soothing.Woke up refreshed today after an early nights sleep (finally) the best thing about Friday work? No traffic...just a long wide expanse of clear road along the beachfront the cloudy skies up ahead tinged with the rays of sunshine playing peekabo casting different subdued hues across the sparkling sea.I popped in my chillout lounge CD and listened to zero 7's waiting line...the ultimate in morning smooth grooves...I put in a clip for you guys to enjoy too while you read the rest of this entry.

Walked in and whilst Im waiting for patients decided to do my shopping online...yippy skippy at the sexy stuff Im finding...Honestly this season Ive fallen in love with Miu a true Lanvin addict Ive never been disappointed..I found some very soft pieces..and a couple of Alberta ferretti silk not to mention the black silk Stella flapper style dress that I can dress up or down in a million ways...Im thinking biker jacket and ankle boots...or delicious Chanel pearls and silk I can go on.
Its just that with all my life and time in the hospital...always trying to study for residency placement exams I get caught up in it all...I love creativity and like all the other women in this world fashion is an outlet for my expression and an extension of myself and my varied moods...and since I barely have time to trawl the malls of dxb...AD is not exactly a variety filled garden...just labels and no sizes and no choice...its either when Im on vacation or online wrapped in my PJ's and snuggly robe...Heaven...
In the meantime I cant wait to hit the gym again in a couple of weeks...surgeons not allowed me to work out just walk for now...but on a plus note to add to my motivation I found the Chanel tennis racquet I was trying to hunt cuuute...on a down side lol they didnt have the skirts I was lusting for.

Theres this Stella outfit above that I fell in love with...clean fresh simple lines and another cute one thats just fun...Im still on the lookout.
After the coaxing of one my sweetest pals...Im also going to take up skiing this another reason to hunt down Chanel skis ahahaha and a gorgeous snow bunny outfit to'll be perfect for the upcoming summer months especially as I hate travelling in summer,for me its so passe...Fall winter vacations are incredibly delicious...and loads of fun.
I gotta run off right now...loves you guys bunches xxx