Friday, June 13, 2008

Someone To Watch Over Me

I love the postman :)

It started off as the worst morning that I havent had in a while...even the arrival of my new louby's and fave beauty stash couldn't distract me, I still found myself absolutely devastated...midday in the midst of my darkened mood my eye caught the calender and I almost sighed with relief at the fact that I could have a lame excuse to pin my deeply buried sorrows, had I not been in a serious oblivion of blues..

Despite the fact that Im not superstitious, I'd like to believe that what happened today was due to an unlucky coincidence with time...maybe repressing so much is really not a good thing...sometimes thats the price one has to pay for being so in touch with so much...Ive come to the firm realization that ignorance really can be bliss.

Like a dark looming cloud it sailed away, thanks in all part to to the bestest presence in my life who keeps making everything okay when I feel like nothing can be alright again...Noone can stick around the way you do and noone can deal with my temporary bouts of insanity with such dignified assertiveness and compassion as youve shown..If I havent been blessed with ignorance, Ive definitely been blessed with you xx

Its almost midnight and the better part of the evening definitely brightened up...Im going to sign off with a toasting ritual from Fastidious Babe.

To the people in our lives who keep us grounded and remind us to smile
Have a starry night xoxo


MrFur said...

i hope that presence never diminishes in your life

Aljoud said...

may your mornings be filled with awesomeness.. kil youm ;)

PinkChampagne said...

@MrFur...Thank you so much..I wish all the best for you too

@Aljoud...with people like you my days are definitely awesome *superhugs* xx

Fastidious Babe said...

u really are blessed to have such a person in ur life... such people are the essence of life.. and alla ykhaleekm lba3a'6..

on another note.. my friday the 13th sucked bigtime,i had a freak attack and the day only got better after having soothing drinks outdoors..

i am superstitious.. sadly!

oh and i LOVE jo malone... enjoy every sniff lol xxx

PinkChampagne said...

@Fastidious...Merciii you gorgeous Babe! Its true what you said..people like that separate reality from illusion...sometimes you think you have real substantial people only to discover what an illusion they were...the real ones have the courage to love and accept you..the whole nine yards, and have the courage to be straight up with you no matter what, as well as the courage to stick around for thats what I call a real rock!
lol its so cuuuute that your superstitious!! I didnt expect that :)
Hugs F.B lotsa bubblylove your way xoxoxo

in my choos said...

alayy cuute i love the postman too!! like an every day santa clause lol ;p

PinkChampagne said...

@Inmychoos...omg lol was thinking of you last night...noone gets the postman obsession like you do :) xx