Monday, August 25, 2008


Sweet dreams for a very starry night...
For the insomniacs who are awake for whatever reason...a soothing lullaby to calm your senses and let your thoughts take you to your late night place xx

Monday, August 18, 2008


This movie always makes me smile...and this song is just old school happiness for me.

My utterly favourite thing about life is that you'll never know what tomorrow brings.
Once in a while you come across a mirror held to your face when you least expect it and allows you look back into a reflection of who you see with lost forgotten remnants of who you used to be...
Once in a while something comes along that inspires you in more ways than one...centers you and lets you just be..
Although I've been busy with calls at work which is why I havent updated in a while, floating is how I would describe myself these last couple of a fast paced world where everything happens in a blink of an eye...where so much of us live for ourselves...a breath of fresh air blows through that takes you back to a slower time, another you...and all of a sudden I realized what the problem was...Just like that, I had simply forgotten.
I forgot how to really pay attention to others...I forgot how to focus on all the positive blessings in my life...I forgot how to empathize and how to not make it all about me...I forgot that sometimes being in control is not always a good thing...a little flexibility goes a long way...and I forgot above everything that in genuine people true humility shines through creating a stronger presence than I could ever have imagined.
Im ecstatic and thankful at the same time for the reminder...I thought nothing could surprise me by now but Im constantly surprised, and in a really good way...Sometimes when you least expect it...a sudden bend in the road brings back beautiful memories of goodness and happiness and optimism....relishes us to suddenly be inspired and motivated once more and comforts us with the knowledge that matter what we are going through...everything really will be alright.

So heres to the bubbly twists and turns of life that take us to better places..I wish you all well xx

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Take A Walk To The Dark Side

I love the dark side, maybe thats why I get a kick out of fall/winter every year...days reduce to a few hours and nights stretch languidly across the is free spirited, inspired by darkness, not bound by weather or practicality...I can layer on as much as I want or walk around in strappy heels happily...either way...textures are richer...colours smoulder...and the world is suddenly grown up and glamorous after the carefree frolic of a summer gone by.
Ive been inspired by quite a few things recently in putting together my key pieces for the upcoming season....old Hollywood glamour is paid homage to by designers all across the an act of rebellion towards the recession and credit crunch hitting the world, the creative world has decided to proact by behaving as one treats a tiresome child..not batting an eye and being in an oblivion to the persistant political insurgent angst that has been going on in the world over the past couple of years casting a depressing shadow over the stratosphere...and rightly so.
The majority of us need a creative outlet to vent and express our dissatisfaction at the daily mundane things we face and I believe most women would rather be damned than allow that to affect their sense of aesthetic.
The fashion world has always been affected by politics, recently since the begining of last century when most ateliers had to close down during the world war only to give rise afterwards to a new kind of fashion...haute couture was replaced by the swinging sixties and psychedelic flower children that emerged from the opposition of the vietnam war at the time and a new ode to peace, with the begining of the sexual revolution that lead to the rock and roll era of the 70's that brimmed with Andy Warhols and Led Zepplins, fashion ventured in a new direction wrapped up in an international glamour and sophistication like one wraps a plush mink around herself, denoted and modelled by women of the Studio 54 era, including the usually straightlaced Jacqueline Kennedy.
I feel this time around, history repeats itself...I look at the plushness of textures, Halstons liquid silk jersey fabrics and Lanvins decadence. Sensuous colours...jet black reigns once more (to my utmost glee) igniting a dark romance in the air, majestic deep purples, neutrals of grey...cream and coffee with splashes of teal, turquoise and bold reds. Sillhouettes and cuts appealing to different women...biased cuts and drapes over the body in casual nonchalance, or wide legged pants and form fitting tops with lots of belts and chunky jewellery...sometimes resistance gives way to creative genius.

Makeup goes uberglam as well with Lancome releasing their first vibrating mascara wand Oscillation (Im a bit dubious about this one) and Chanel sending out the most delicious smoky eye makeup range to add sultriness to the combination.

Until then do something utterly decadent tonight..Im going to light me some gardenia Adele's 'Fool that I am' on repeat and send a glass of pink bubbly wishes your way.

Sleep tight xx