Saturday, September 13, 2008

Signing Off

Its been one hell of a long passed as quick as it came...seasons merged together in the blink of an eye since last winter and we're almost there again once more. On a deeper level I've reached the end of an era and the begining of new chapters in my life...Im so excited I wouldn't have changed anything for the world..its true..God has a plan for everyone, we think we know what we want but little do we know what fate has in store for us..Im glad I kept my new years resolution of not making any plans and keeping open to life because it was so worth it.

Its time for me to go away very a strange way its like going back home and Im looking forward very much so to it...I cant wait to greet winter with open arms and I cross my fingers that this year it snows whilst Im there...the sky is the limit....I hope I can try to update because I'm also taking these few months as a breather to challenge myself and center my focus on my priorities.

I will however update my player soon with loads of my fave tracks to keep you company until I return.

In advance I extend wishes for a 3eid Mbarak...a spooky Halloween...another 3id mbarak...a sexy happy New Year filled with bubbles laughter and new wishes...and a mushy Valentines day all sprinkled in a flute of pinkbubbly with lots of love from me...your PC xxx

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kel 3am winto b5air

Embarak 3alaikm el shahar...Best wishes for a peaceful month filled with love and prayers xx