Saturday, September 13, 2008

Signing Off

Its been one hell of a long passed as quick as it came...seasons merged together in the blink of an eye since last winter and we're almost there again once more. On a deeper level I've reached the end of an era and the begining of new chapters in my life...Im so excited I wouldn't have changed anything for the world..its true..God has a plan for everyone, we think we know what we want but little do we know what fate has in store for us..Im glad I kept my new years resolution of not making any plans and keeping open to life because it was so worth it.

Its time for me to go away very a strange way its like going back home and Im looking forward very much so to it...I cant wait to greet winter with open arms and I cross my fingers that this year it snows whilst Im there...the sky is the limit....I hope I can try to update because I'm also taking these few months as a breather to challenge myself and center my focus on my priorities.

I will however update my player soon with loads of my fave tracks to keep you company until I return.

In advance I extend wishes for a 3eid Mbarak...a spooky Halloween...another 3id mbarak...a sexy happy New Year filled with bubbles laughter and new wishes...and a mushy Valentines day all sprinkled in a flute of pinkbubbly with lots of love from me...your PC xxx


Fastidious Babe said...

WHOA! ur not coming back till FEB?! you MUST find a way to update.. just so we know ur fine and having the best time ever k?

I wish u all the best girl, and may ur trip be full of opportunities and everything fabulous.. day in and day out!

gonna miss u loads! xxx

PinkChampagne said...

7ayati!!! xx you need to send me your email for starters..seriously.
mines at:

Actually lol will be back first week March :D:D
Thank you for your have no idea how relevant they are :)
Im sending you lots and lots of hugs...don't hibernate because halfway across the world Ill be reading your posts that make my mind go tick tock and smile.
lots of lurrrrrrrrve babe xxxxx

Ephemeral said...

my eyes filled up reading this :(
the last paragraph actually lol
where are u going may i ask?
i hope life's doors keep opening for you as long as you're ready for them!
To the beautiful surprises that light up your days and years..
Im gonna miss your updates..

PinkChampagne said...

Awww sweetness xxx!
Thank you ubermucho for the wishes...
Ill miss your adorableness loads youre like a cute surprise that landed in my corner with so much fun positive energy that that makes me genuinely smile from within x
Lots of hugs your wayyyyyyyyyy and
drop me an email at the address I posted to F.B above..we'll be in touch all the time it'll be like me packing you two with me :D xx

Delicately Realistic said...

Sometimes it takes years to appreciate the reason behind what we once wanted and we never had...and u find urself saying "Alf 7amd o shkr"


Dont take too long.

PinkChampagne said...

Delicately realistic I can see how you live up to your name..that was so eloquently put.
I hope you enjoy your winter and take care of you xx

nyxxie said...

I'm glad you're taking that further steps towards making more of your dreams come true.. luv u and see you there :)

PinkChampagne said...

Sounds like a plan Nyxxie :) I cant wait...Im going to make sure we'll have a blast xx

MrFur said...

i'm glad that your time "here" didn't change you one little bit, and that you are still resilient and bright as ever, with big plans/ideas to match.
i wish you all the "tawfeeg" and "tayseer" on your journey, and do keep us updated every now and then, lol six months is better than a year :D

PinkChampagne said...

^ Im so glad thats showing through...thank you for your wishes.

Shbeeh Al Ree7 said...

Etserein w Etrdein Bel Salamah. Fedait Wayhech el 3'alee.

Anonymous said...

i miss u
i really do

nyxxie said...

Omg i misssssssss you weinech ya bent?

Anonymous said...

<3 the new are missed

Aljoud said...

Come baaaaaaaaaack!! We miss you loads :(

nyxxie said...

luv the new look!! <3

me said...

nice new layout, seems like everybody misses u.. me miss u too..

me said...

nice new layout, seems like everybody misses u.. me miss u too..