Sunday, June 8, 2008

Everyday is a weekend

The season officially starts....Bust out the bikinis and the gorgeous cover ups...don on the grecian sandals and make sure your ipods list is full of pumping summer tunes...Hang on, we forgot something important...summertimes slew of skin concerns...the right SPF...the perfect moisturizer...shine control and the eternal to keep summer hair silky smooth at the beach and outdoors...Well worry not, Bubbly's here to the rescue with some of the most wondrous discoveries and advice for my favorite bubblylicious readers.

For the past few years Ive been a loyal of Chanel's Hydramax and whomever I have recommended it to has led to a cult following...simply because it works...
The delicious scent...the continuous moisture all day and all night and now they've launched a newer version...Hydramax Active which means an even better result for your skin.
Although it comes in three different textures I recommend the Cream Gel for can do what I did and switch to Cream for winter...thats so lushhhhhhh....there's also a tinted moisturizer for days at the beach or simply at work...I mean who wants to hit work in the morning with foundation in the summer?

After all of my loyalty to Hydramax which was a part of my secret to my flawless skin, lol the rest is genetics...I realized that I needed something more than moisture for me...I wanted a simple moisturizer for sensitive skin that works as an anti-aging product too (prevention is better than cure)...although there are a hundred million claims from different luxury brands, with my beauty savvy I knew which one I had to channel for myself personally...and so I headed to the beauty counter bought the items and went home to test run it through my standard 8 vigorous weeks of testing...and Im happy to report my skin thanked me by revealing dewy fresh baby softness...Im hooked for life!
I love the La Mer Gel Creme formulation and the fantastic Face Mist that is perfect for trips to the beach to boost moisture levels or even a spray indoors at home or work to combat drying effects of the airconditioning system.
The Refining Facial is divinityyyyy....its the perfect exfoliator with real diamond dust that glide so softly on your kin to reveal a fresher you.
Oil control throughout the day? No problem Creme de la mer's Oil Absorbing Lotion nixxes shine beautifully.


Clarins UV PLUS SPF 40 merged wth e3p their antipollution screen tp produce divinity results...goes on as light as air on your face and leaves no greasy residue.
For the body I love Neutrogena SPF 85 drytouch and it comes in a cooling version spray for serious coverage of hard to reach your skin later with an aloe vera spray and a milk bath and dont forget to carry Clarins SOS sunburning relief stick and balm.
Self tanners are Fake Bake....ModelCo and the gold standard St Tropez.
For the fairer paler ones like me Ive found the most delicious products formulated especially for pale finalyyyyyy...Clarins delicious self tanning cream...and Cliniques touch of bronze.
Dont forget to scrub and moisturize with Kiehls Soy body polish and Creme De Corp in Light before applying.

Kerastase has the cutest soleil range to protect your hair from sun chlorine in the pool and damage...and an overnight product to work on your tresses to transform them into silk by morning
Im loving Frederic Fekkai's Lavender and Honey conditioner to soothe dry scalps and the Shea Butter Shampoo and Mask post beach exposure.
Wrap your hair in a silk scarf to protect it from the suns rays...crucial for those with coloured hair...I love Pucci and Missoni for their fresh bursts of colour.


The look this summer is ultra glam....dab on some a soft lipbalm or Chanels aqualumiere lipshine...the texture made me melt its stunning...Guerlains range this season is divine...swirl a brush over their terracotta moisturizing powder or spray with their bronze spray in three colours light medium and dark for different intensities..then add a light tint to your cheeks,,,Benefits Poisie is like their cult Benetint except
its a fresh pink...or go for the Nars stick in orgasm.
Keep your nails with fresh colours...I discovered Chanel in Cassis and Cherry

Now that your armed and fabulous dont forget to put on your sexy oversized shades on your way out, theyre useful in more ways than one ;)
Bubblywishes to a sexy fantabulous uninhibited summer...go knock yourselves out!


Fastidious Babe said...

ok first of all .. I LOVE UR VIBE! reading this entry made me crave the beach (and i was just there a few days ago!)

all the products mentioned above are top notch.. but i did try the BEST self tanner EVER.. its from Rodial.. (Brazilian tan daily) i just had to share!

And i like how Lancaster works with my colour.. i get an almost-bronze glow when i use their products at the beach.. the tan maximizer is also good.. it soothes and makes the colour last longer XD

Also Frederic Fekkai have this super cute summer dry shampoo which is a must have!

- to the beach, and bronze goddesses with flawless skin! xx

kytheria said...

You been tagged girl! *check my site*..and i loved ur post <3

PinkChampagne said...

@Fastidious...Thank you darling I absolutely adore reading your blog...Rodial has the most delicious products but unfortunately Im so white anything I used reacts with my skin and turns orange lmao...Lancaster is fab too and yessssss I have the Fekkai dry shampoo and its definitely a must have!Thanks for tips gorgeous feel free to share anytiiime xoxo

PinkChampagne said... Im so quirky
ma3arf what to write...I also have to do this as I promised Nyxxie too she tagged me first so Ill post for both of you xoxo

beautilicious said...

Love your suggestions girl! Love the orgasm range from Nars, the lip gloss, the blush, the multiple are all excellent for a radiant glow.. Thanx for telling about the new "posie tint" from Benefit, I absolutely love Benetint, but sometimes find it too red so this is perfect!

PinkChampagne said...

^Thanx Beautilicious xx :)