Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tag youre it

So Nyxxie decided to tag me...I have to answer some of her questions and yay theyre all beauty related...the best part of it is that updating has been at the back of my mind for the past couple of days but I couldnt get around to it with my laziness...the heatstroke I almost passed out from yesterday and mmmmn well nothing except patients and yada yada yadaaaaaaaa.
Yippy skippy this will suffice until my next update..lotssss of beauty news in it.
Nyxxie *hugs*

The contents of my makeup bag are :
Guerlains Beige Vanille gloss
Bobbi Browns pressed compact in Sand
Chanel rose petale blush

My Favorite Makeup Product is:
I'm so old school...Coco did say that a woman must always be prepared (actually dressed) in case she has a date with destiny...in my case I have to be ready to bat my eyelashes at destiny lmao so it's mascara and lol no I cant choose just one...too many options :D

My perfume:
Something soft and mysterious...I love Lanvin Arpege...Tom Ford's Black Violet...Nyxxie got me hooked onto Amouage Dia since last ramadan its my replacement for No.5 and me loves me loads of Chanel's 31 Rue Cambon.

My Ultimate Dream:
Making all the other dreams come true.

How do I define womanhood:

Woman I admire for her beauty:
My grandmother.

My beauty product brand is:
light and gentle for my super sensitive skin...it varies alot with the weather and skin changes...I tend to stick to the same moisturizer throughout the year (Chanel's Hydramax) and add a night potion or switch a cleanser according to my skins needs.

Day cream:
Currently am on La Mer's gel cream.

Essential beauty product:
Chanel's advanced microrefining peel program.

Three products(besides solar) to bring on a deserted island:
Body moisturizer
Shampoo/conditioner (Ill assume kerastase produces a two in one just for the occasion by then :D)
Pierce Brosnan.

Woman with the best sense of style:
Im inspired by the classics and I love to keep a modern fresh twist on things..Audrey Hepburn is timeless.

My favourite fashion publication:

*Hugs* Nyxxie xoxoxo

I tag Fastidious babe :D


nyxxie said...

haahaha i luv dia perfume w a7ebech akthar xxx

Fastidious Babe said...

yaaaaaiy my very first tag XD