Saturday, March 21, 2009


Im loving the feedback on my last beauty post, thank you bubblylicious readers xx
I'll give you the big reveal and finally let you in on my holy grail cosmetic must haves, there better be stock at the beauty counters when I resupply,seriously you will love how transformed you look after this.

Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer

I always keep saying that if you take really good care of your skin your base should never be a problem which is why I place such an emphasis on skin rather than makeup...this is the most gorgeous veil of colour that literally does everything you want a base to do...apply it sheer with a it on with your fingers...or simply blend it with a cosmetic sponge when you need a bit more comes in an oil free formulation too and is perfect for every season in our parts of the world..allow it to sink in and then move on to the concealer below.

Laura Mercier undercover pot concealer

My tiny miracle..It comes with two parts...the right side is creamy whilst the left has a bit more holding power...use whatever side you like to manipulate colour on different areas of your face or blend both to get another shade depending on what kind of coverage you need and what type of blemish you want to hide e.g a fading mark or a new blemish..At the bottom of the concealer pot comes an illuminating powder to tap on after you finish. Really.good.stuff.

I recommend you apply your concealer with the secret camouflage concealer brush or any concealer brush you have, because its goes on perfect and when you use your fingers youre not as accurate and tend to take away or rub off the concealer from your skin with the finished result ending up looking a bit caked.

Follow up with translucent powder on bridge of nose chin and forehead...stay away from cheeks to keep the dewy look along your cheekbones.

If you cant find it here in the UAE, try Clarins souffle de teint (posted that in my bubbly beauty awards a year ago I think) and Guerlains/YSL/Dior flashradiance brush concealer until you actually source what youre looking for.

Enjoy xx

Friday, March 20, 2009

The City

The new spin off ,The City, from one of my guilty pleasures the Hills, has made its way into my lounging time... L.A girl Whitney Port moves to NY to start working at DVF...Olivia Palermo, socialite and colleague provides loads of entertainment fashionwise and although initially slow, the show is gaining momentum.
Check it out x

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Of Vintage Hollywood and Chanel

There is a place in time to which my heart shall truly belong...An era where ladies were ladies and gentlemen were simply divine inspiration for women to be even more ladylike lol...Everything was elegant and vividly portrayed by stories passed on to us from our grandmothers, books and photos, to the Hollywood silver screen that captured timelessness and left its legacy for us to dream into..
A couple of months ago I promised Fastidious Babe that Id post a short list of classics to watch, to kickstart a movie title exchange amongst us..Before I leave you I'm about to jump with delight having received news that Coco Chanel's biopic movie before she became Chanel the legend, featuring Audrey Tatou will be released next french...(more reason for me to seriously continue learning the language rather than stop every two months) so for the fluent ones, who wants to come watch with me and translate lol?

Heres a sneak preview :)

1.Gigi....Leslie Caron...theres a reason I put this first..
2.Butterfield 8...Elizabeth Taylor
3.Beyond the Valley of the dolls...Psychedelic-ly delicious.
4.The Graduate..Mrs Robinson is a classic
5.Gentlemen prefer Blondes..Monroe is actually watchable in this one.
6.High personal fave Grace Kelly flick.
7.Casablanca...the bittersweet "We'll always have Paris".
8.Belle De Jour...Catherine Denueve's wardrobe is tdf..vintage YSL and Roger Vivier make it worth watching..subtitles for the nonfrench peoplesss
9.All about Eve...Bette Davis
10.The way we were...Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford or Funny girl...Barbra streisand and Omar sharif
Bewitched the series, seriously a perfect backdrop at home to tune out the rest of the world when needed.

Hugs xx

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Im an obsessive compulsive beauty junkie...I love finding out what really makes skin a dewy glow...what to bail me out in an emergency (hello monster breakout!) ...and what doesn't live up to what it promises, as well as faithfully trying and testing the new.

I thought it would be fun to post a list of my 5 favourite must haves :

I really wanted to see what the hype was about this one, from beauty editors all I left my regular moisturizer on hiatus and went for this...three days later I found myself buying the whole range..Its no secret that hyaluronic acid is a major plumping ingredient for lush skin...this gave my skin a rested glow and was a perfect base for my tinted moisturizer afterwards..If youre over 25 I absolutely recommend it.
Rodial's Glamtox day SPF 18
I cannot rave enough about this product for three reasons..It literally takes off every single dull cell on your face whilst the creamy chamomile base calms your skin and sinks deep in to leave you looking like youve literally just had an oxygen facial..apply your regular serum afterwards and be delighted at how your skin texture is pure velvet.
Sisley's Gentle Facial Buffing Cream.

Experience addiction like no other...This is the one product that whips your hair into a pure silk infusion..Love the scent too.
Alterna's Caviar Antiageing Seasilk Moisture Range.

Laura Mercier is just uber fabulous..her newest addition to her star Almond Coconut range is this divine hand cream. Its the cutest size and makes you want to keep moisturizing your hands all day...stock up on this for your purse...your car..the office.

Five minutes pre-shower dry body brushing daily is a religious must. It increases circulation and helps the body's natural detoxification process, helping in the fight against cellulite.This natural cactus brush is one of the best Ive tried. Because of its texture, make sure you run it lightly over skin and always towards your heart.
Elemis Body Brush.

Enjoy x

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bringing Home The Bubbly

Aljoud this one's for you :)

'What you believe has more power than what you dream or wish or hope for..You become what you believe'

In my most adventurous chapter yet, I stood still not willing to go further, not thinking I could...In the midst of all that you've never known..the new...the unfounded...the trepidation you feel when you have to jump and you don't know how...when youre right at the brink staring into the foray of unchartered waters..Theres an exact moment of lucidity where everything becomes crystal clear.
At that moment you've just found yourself.
Whether you sink or swim is a relative matter because it stems from a conscious decision made directly from the centre of your being.
It doesn't get purer than that. 

Phases and seasons passed...likewise, as I slowly emerged from one and transcended into another I found myself journeying through the fall, the long winter and finally undergoing the last metamorphosis of an internally arduous phase with the promise of the new bloom of spring.  
Where I used to be, spiritually speaking, was on a completely different tangent...when they say time and space create clarity and garner a much needed ambience to reflect...I'm compelled to agree..
Living in anonymity for so many months and disconnecting from a life I was getting so used to, that it started becoming a habit rather than a life, was one of the most liberating decisions Id taken for myself in a long time.
I believe we find ourselves in the space between, because we forget..what our real priorities are and then we procrastinate when we are aware of them..we have an uncanny aptitude for focusing on all that distracts us and unknowingly drains us..No matter how it ends up manifesting itself, there's a certain restlessness that persists..until you find your own truth.

Its time for me to join all that I love in my little niche...Im coming home.