Saturday, January 17, 2009

To Adventures

I know this has definitely been an overdue one from my side but I figure since we're still in January I can blow best wish kisses to all of you for a really adventurous year ahead.
I have a feeling this year will bring so much to everyone...with all thats happening in the world and within our own lives the past year...its brought a new determination to live it up and see those goals and dreams actually materialize, so Im confident that most of us will be in this mindframe throughout the year...Im glad because its optimism at a time when we need to rebel against the depression that constantly chases after thing that resonated within me with such a profound effect a few months ago was hearing that phrase repeated with conviction during Obamas winning speech...Yes we can.
On a global level we are sick of the endless tirades of wars against each other and amongst ourselves...the new sense of urgency that has emerged urging us to seek peace now more than ever before is definitely a determination to fight back the chaos in a world absolutely fed up with the past 8 years of politics from the deranged Bush administration and the disgusting behaviour of Israel currently. Its moving to see change occuring and gaining momentum slowly but surely and our generation is definitely one thats not ready to put up with any more.
On a personal level its all about pushing boundaries in ways that we've never experienced before..right over the edge.
I know that Im definitely in for some great surprises this year.

So heres to a good year ahead full of the unknown..adventures and new thrills x