Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Weakness In Me

I spent my birthday yesterday in the O.R working on seven operations back to exhilarating as the O.R is for me,I still wanted to party lol.Midnight started with text and phone calls internationally from some of my closest dearest friends..some that I havent been in touch with in a while..all the way throughout and to the end of the day...every call made my day because as much as I lack a social life here I realized that real friends appreciate you and the good days you give each put me in a happy place and yes lol I will party by treating myself to a gorgeous weekend getaway to treatments..lots of laughter..and overindulgence because like I said before, all I want for now is excess relaxation and bliss.

You know how Oprah feels that she gets bummed when she can't find new books...its like that with me except my passion is different...Ive been bummed because I couldnt find good music and today I want to share with you a really beautiful a stunning track that I came across was the cherry on the cake of a really loving day.

So heres to you my bubblylicious readers...a glass of bubblywishes filled with hope and dreams and all things new...a toast to the ones we love and the ones we have yet to love...and more than anything to another year of fabulous spontaneity and adventure...xx


Fastidious Babe said...

PC HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAYYY!!! hope ur coming year is full of fabulousness, loads of love and beautiful music! i totally loved the song, i guess ur in dubai right now having a blast, enjoy ur time babe xx

Aljoud said...

Happy belated birthday gorgeouss!! *hugsyoubreathlesss*

Ephemeral said...

This song brings back so many nice memories =) ah good times..
Happy Birthday PC! Hope u have a fabulous one and many many more to come! *blows kisses & throws confetti*

PinkChampagne said...

@Fastidious...AlJoud and Ephemeral...Thank you sooooooo much for your thoughtful wishes and adorableness xxx love you lots and ephemeral thank you for visiting my cosy corner :) Sorry for not visiting sooner wasa bit tied up...will dish all the deatils in my next post today hopefully :) xx