Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ephemeral and Jolie

Words cant say enough for how I felt after watching this.
I was asked in a tag once what my definition of a woman is and I replied with Strength.
To the women before us and to those today mothers,daughters,sisters around the world with the strength to face lifes challenges...the strength to dream...the strength to face their demons...the strength to pave their own way with their own belief system and to always making sure they looked good while doing it : )

This is part one of the 5 part interview a series of pics will pop up at the end of each at the bottom of the screen find and click on part 2,3 etc of Inside actors studio

Ephemeral I commented on your last comment at the last post..a penny for your thoughts x
Have a good Saturday peoplesss xx


ephemeral said...

I love these "Inside the actor's studio" interviews! The only one I've actually seen before this, is Natalie Portmans' and boy was i impressed. The woman is well read, funny, poised, the way she conducts herself with confidence yet very modest...
Angelina .. wow I'm speechless .. she exudes a beautifully flawed personality that i now deeply admire. I can't believe I've never seen any of her movies because her Hollywood image irked me..
Thank you PC =) for the interviews, for your eloquent words that make your blog the first thing i check(sometimes before my email lol) when i wake up, for putting my name in your posts title!! I am honored hehe
it's around 5 a.m. now and i don't really function this early in the morning so excuse my rambling =P

PinkChampagne said...

@Ephemeral...youre really sweet :) Youre always welcome and thank you for making my day xx
I love how you described her as beautifully flawed...its one of the most comforting discoveries I made in my early twenties...the fact that were all flawed and embracing that gives us something genuine something real...its one of the best feelings in the world x

Anonymous said...

I personally DO NOT like her and don’t find anything she does as strength. She uses her money for good causes but so what? A million other people do in this world. It is also rewarding for her to give and I have no tolerance for her yes she is sexy that's it... She is given too much publicity and importance. From: Butterfly

PinkChampagne said...

Yours is a respected honest opinion Butterfly.
I think in terms of negative publicity its because of her situation with how she met Brad...but her work with UNHCR way before she met him as well as her being the first hollywood actress to donate half her paycheck from every movie she makes to real causes she believes well as her active travels to see different situations personally herself...and helping alot of unfortunate children by adopting them continue. Of course as you said shes an incredibly alluring woman.
I think what's admirable the most is her honesty and candor...shes screwed up a lot and she never claimed perfection but her tenacity and strength have helped bring her out of the darkness into the light...we've all been there in one way or the other but should we or anyone else be defined by one moment?