Friday, July 4, 2008


Armani Prive

Anne Valerie Hash



Burberrys warrior bag


With the fall/winter collections coming out, despite the burning July heat Im already putting together my winter wardrobe for my favourite time of year...Im really loving totes this coming season and I already got a hold of the cream Burberry metallic studded tote which is stunning in real life..the blue Chanel tote is a total lust-have and its going to replace everything except clutches next season for me.
The Couture shows were real eye candy and fun to skim through...Im in love with Christian Lacroix's collection its absolute genius and I found myself lost in the whimsical shapes...contrasting textures and eccentrically artistic palettes of colours that span different eras of time.
New designer at the helm of Valentino, Allesandra Facchinetti pulled off a very whispery and ethereal collection with plenty of chiffon, nudes and black...I cant wait to see her upcoming collections.

I have loads more pics to post of looks Ive pulled from the ready to wear lines but Im exhausted its been a verrrry hectic time so far...thank god for the other extreme in my a creative art that gladly envelopes me in its arms after I get tired of all the academic and realistic aspects of my life...its so soothing to switch back into 'me' mode and feel like a girl...After all my hard work I just want excess everything...relaxation...luxurious pleasures...zenlike calmness....Im in the mood to just spoil myself silly and I think thats the nicest thing about being self posessed...its all about you.

Have a good fourth of July peopless xx

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Fastidious Babe said...

PC U BLOGGED! akheeran XD

i have my own pix tooo.. and i totally get how this place and everything girly is all u need after a long day at work! the alligator tote looks fab!

to self-pampering bliss! x