Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Way We were

"I'll look around
And when I've found someone
Who laughs like you
I'll know this love
I'm dreaming of
Won't be the old love
I always knew"
Madeline Peyroux

I dont exactly recall what brought up this movie into my mind today...maybe the song lyrics above as I was calmly driving along the beach front on my way back home from a gorgeously packed day at work....maybe the emotional simple depth of her voice saying things that in a good deal of time haven't touched my soul,with the added background music intoxicating me into relaxation...either way it took me back to a long time ago..to when I saw the movie 'The way we were' years ago and oh...I fell in love with the story..without giving the story line away the song and movie are entwined in a beautifully poetic way even though they were made in different generation...nothing gives me a sense of security like nostalgia...its always special to look back in time and remember all the different things that moved you...made you smile and gave you things to reflect on....honestly sometimes its the best escape into the recesses of your mind from a world we just dont want to deal with at times.

Barbara Streisand need I say more? One of the worlds most timless legends...her movies...her music...her strong personality...shes very notorious for being a force to be reckoned with in the industry and at every concert the woman gets a well deserved longstanding ovation and passionate screams of an encore for her sheer artistry...honestly who can blame them...I wish they made music the way they used to these days.

Its struck me during the movie how insightful the human psyche is...After all these years you can still see a similarity between what the characters were facing and what we face today...the director did a beautiful job with his insight...Robert Redford is dreamy and plays his part in such a way that as the story unfolds you begin to be swept away with realistic storyline and empathize with the both of them to give you something to think about...you percieve an unbiased balanced point of view of the complexities of life and relationships...the message it leaves you with is powerful and keeps you reflecting long after its over...its a timeless masterpiece of cinematic history.

Heres the beautiful song from the equally touching movie...I added a movie clip for you to enjoy...who knows...maybe it will awaken a part of you that you thought didnt exist with all the mainstream commercial noise going around these days. Here are a couple of extra songs to chill you out before you go to 'The way we were' videos.
Dance me to the end of love and Ill look around...knock yourselves out :)


Hugs to you sexy peoplessss xxx

Friday, April 25, 2008

Frolick in the sand or lounge on a yacht :)


I finally found the beach items I needed to make this a perfect season..now heres the hard part you decide...Rose or Violet?

Wouldnt be PinkChampagne without my champagne wardrobe lol
Gorgeous silk top and pants with my trusty Pedros <3>
Aaaah The bane of my existance...Ive been looking for this shade of red since forever every season
Lets hope this year I can add to my collection

Summer is finally here! well almost :)
For me that means carefree days...great music and lazy afternoons getting together with friends ignoring responsibilities and deep issues..although with the humidity its not fun weather in this place but hey,...its all worth it...this season has gorgeous S/S 08 wardrobes that Ive been loving delving into and Ive been skipping to work with thoughts of new additions to my new summer wardrobe...God its great to be a girl :D
So much has been happening over time on both a personal and profession level.
With the heat slowly seeping into the city alternating with the occasional warm breeze I feel the urge to begin a new chapter of my life...stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new sssexy things...maybe that pilots licence Ive lusted over since forever...continuation with My French tutor at home to perfect the ultimate language of sultriness or finally get that gorgeous honey dipped golden tan that Ive always wanted :)
My annual time off work is this winter as usual where I get to spend 9 glorious weeks traveling to fun places...My first option is New York followed by Boston Cali and DC and last but not least a stopover in london or Paris or maybe the gorgeous Italian islands of Portofino and Scicily...maybe Rome...who cares...the world is our oyster...so much time and so little to do...but this time after settling at work and having my consultants happy with me being on top of my work I feel that its time for a new revamped moi...Every now and then I morph into a better more adventurous version of another me and never look back.
The best thing about summer is that I unfailingly begin my high school ritual of compiling my summer reading list (any suggestions would be welcomed xx) and of course who can forget Sex and the City the movie...I picked up 27 dresses after work right now and Im glad I have time to enjoy this weekend chilling out with a lighthearted comedy.
I think with every season and every age it's always good to set something to look forward to....it prevents life from getting bland especially with the whole new world we live in to discover...After all the phases and lives Ive lived...I feel that Ive only scratched the surface...I look forward to all that life has to offer be it good or bad...because at the end of the day the even the bad leaves you with lessons you will never forget to enrich the spirit...depending on how you look at it :)
I think the problem with our generation is that we want too much too fast...looking back at the most successful people in the world who have left a legacy or a mark...the key to their success was determination, faith and patience...Im pretty laid back because I believe in the goodness of the world...karma...and I believe in myself and my potential...for me its not about success rather more than about reaching goals and being really happy with the sense of achievement of making my dreams come true.
For now its baby steps...Ive done that my whole life and Im really glad of where I stand today...I think the best advice I could ever give is live your life like you have nothing to lose..immerse yourself in it..make your mistakes and stay true to yourself...last but not least don't give a damn what other people think..either theyre too scared to follow their own dreams...afraid to non conform or are just plain judgmental which is really sad...Raise the bar and rather than talk about it represent yourself with your actions and if you screw up..youre human..theres always tomorrow to set things right...we have a responsibility to inspire each other and the generations after us, the same way our older generations inspired us with their wisdom...but always always do it with a twist because life has a sense of humour...inject your personality in everything you do and you will never fail...not succeeding doesn't mean you failed if you had enough courage to follow your deepest wishes.

On a lighter note...Ive been having a blast of a time...thats for another entry...for now I leave you with my favourite part of my entries...a couple of my favourite childhood carefree songs to kickstart your weekend
Lots of love and bubbly hugs

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Ive been inspired by many people growing up...when applying for college I'd come across the question 'Who is your role model?' countless times and it always made me think to myself...I have none.
I appreciate the different facets that make up different personalities...I love all sorts of unique and quirky traits...and Ive always admired specific qualitites to the vast majority of people that have touched my life...to label someone a role model would be to put them on a pedestal to only realize after much adulation that they are after all only human...thus explaining my point that we are so interesting and complex...the many layers that make us up are too deep to limit to only one person...and my goal has always been to produce a better version of myself with each passing day and with every phase now and then I look at how Ive morphed and what my ideal ways of reaching my own finish line are before competing against myself to finally put a tick next to my new accomplishment be it personal or professional.
The medical field has always been academic and clinical...Physicians are trained to focus on that and have a sense of responsibility and detachment to the point where Im surrounded by excellent doctors hospitals over who have lost their lives in the world of their own passion treating diseases and ailments and accomplishing their own sense of satisfaction with every successful procedure or degree attained...but yet are out of touch with their private selves and personal lives.
As a woman with her own sense of self possession I realize that yes I love my profession to bits and I have lots to look forward to in terms of achieving with the coming years, but I have a deep rooted sense of being a woman that I believe is wholly crucial in maintaining a sense of identity...femininity is after all what separates us from the boys...and the fun that Ive had in this life being a girl I would do all over again if I had to...Im not a feminist in any way and Ive never believed in equal rights...as girlish creatures of the complex land we are bestowed with rights by just staying true to who we are and what we want out of life.
Whilst watching the primaries a while ago I noticed Hillary Clintons ratings drop in favour of Barack Obama..At one point infamous and highly esteemed fashion maven Anna Wintour invited Hilary for the highly coveted cover of a Vogue photoshoot...Latin sensation Jennifer Lopez has never been invited for one, but Hilary got the chance to empower females across the country and the power of fashion media to send her message across the entire world...Diana did it...Jacqueline Kennedy embraced it...Hillary Clinton?
She was afraid she would have subjected herself to ridicule and barbie jokes across Capitol Hill and the rest of the States...by running like a man she was denying herself the truth of who she actually was and rather than stay true to herself and unapologetically embrace it she avoided the obvious and who can trust that? Ratings dropped everywhere.
Imagine my delight when I discovered Lisa Airan a couple of years ago.
Dr Lisa Airan is one of Manhattan's most prominent cosmetic dermatologists...after Oprah she became a world renowned one and has an impressive resume to match.
Not just a pretty face she has combined her love of aesthetics with her flair of fashion to create a blend of medicine and femininity...the results? Gorgeousness.
Dr Airan epitomizes everything I celebrate and respect in a woman...her face has graced the pages of Vogue many times and it seems that she just cant stop working and having a blast whilst shes doing it...if that doesnt inspire then I do not know what will..for now all I can say is I cant wait to meet her this summer hopefully because she's the only person in this world whom I can trust with my skin...That is until I get my own degree.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The mating game

I couldnt not post this week =D...lots of work and a million things to do...Ill update soon sometime midweek...left you all with an ultimate favourite track to enjoy...sleep tight.
Hugs xx