Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Theres a moment of peace. A moment of stillness that washes over me. In that place in time I feel the nanoseconds stretch into an eternity...all that Ive ever known and all that could ever occur, come together to wake me up from my trancelike state of realism.

I never dreamed of it...It definitely catches me off guard...Through my eyes if I could define it,life is in moments.
Through the silence I expect to feel nothing...its who I am...
I stood and the quietness screamed back at me, deafening me with ambivalence...mixed emotions and only one voice in my head resonating within voice breaking free of my self imposed restrictions to tell me what I already know.
Even after all, here...Im glad that detachment and reality failed to function.
Its good to feel.


Fastidious Babe said...

haven't felt that way in a while.. great piece of writing.. as always! x

nyxxie said...

you force yourself to detatch it never comes naturaly, that's why it'll always fail to function.