Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Readers requests

I got a question the other night from one of my bubblylicious readers asking me about her skincare concerns..I promised to to post in my next entry.

"spots. blackheads. and when your face doesnt have that glow. i hate putting make up on. i just hate seeing my face look so dull."

It sounds like you have combination skin...the breakouts, and the 'dullness' is a result of dryness and lack of exfoliation...The natural skin cycle where new cells come up to the surface and older ones are shed off naturally takes about 22 we get older this cycle takes longer with cells rising to the surface and clumping up on your doesnt help moisturizer penetrate your skin and the clumps reflect the light rays haphazardly to give a dull looking appearance...oil and bacteria are trapped under the skin and give you blemishes...the blackheads are a result of oil and dead skin cells clogged in the pore itself which when exposed to air oxidize to produce the dark colour you see.
To help facilitate the process you need to regularly polish your skin yourself with a scrub suited for your skin type twice a week or have sessions of microdermabrasion at a skin clinic.
I recommend you start with a gentle babysoft cleanser twice a day so you wont irritate your skin...Dermalogica ultracalming cleanser...Natura Bisse cleanser for sensitive skin...Cle De Peau fraiche (found at Faces is delicious and I think will work really well for you) and the gold standard Cetaphil (found at most drugstores).
During the day apply a light oil free moisturizer and at night youll need something that can internally work to exfoliate...I literally swear by Chanels microsolutions ampoules...21 small ampoules for 21 days applied at night containing 10% Glycolic acid work gently on your skin without redness peeling or can follow that up with the same moisurizer you used in the morning...Hydramax gel cream works well in tandem with any kind of blemish treatment and wont interfere in the treatment.
Keep a bottle of Mario Badescu drying lotion at hand (found in Areej) to put on new spots at night...they clear up quickly in 2-3 days with this...or dot some Clinique emergency masque on problem areas and let it dry out blemishes while you snooze.
Depending on how bad the breakouts are you could go to a derm and ask for Minocin antibiotic tabs for 1-3 months as well as having a full blood workup to check on hormone levels that are strongly linked to acne.
As for makeup steer clear of any foundation this summer..its not going to help you...if you need cover try Clarins Teint Souffle its gorgeous..or mineral foundation Barescentuals does a great job, found at Sephora.
Keep your makeup brushes regularly clean..change your pillow cases daily and keep hair and hands off your face.
Try this for 21 days and we can move on to the next step when youre done..the key is you jut have to be patient.
Keep me posted.

To the Anonymous music request...I posted lots of my fave tracks on youtube videos before I installed my player you can look through those and heres a quickie list of my own according to my mood today

Miles away-Madonna
Devil wouldnt recognize you-Madonna

Let me think about it-Ida Corr (I blast this on my way out of the hospital after a long day on my feet)
Im that chick-Mariah Carey

Early evening:
Paris lounge-Llorca
Seemingly sleepy-late night alumni
Cant get enough of your love-Barry white (ultimate feel good happy song)
Tell me what you want-Mase feat.Total
Close to you-Maxi Priest ( 20 years on and Im still in love with the beat theres nothing sexier than this)
The mating game-Bittersweet

More than ever people-Levitation
Ride it-Jay sean
Anything by Sade


nyxxie said...

merci beaucoup mon amie <3

MrFur said...

always spreading the gospel...keep it up! it's dawning on me what a task it is for a woman to make her best appearance; not easy!

PinkChampagne said...

@Nyxxie ma petite cherie xxx

@MrFurry...Im surprised that it 'suddenly' dawned on you, on what you personally consider a 'task' it is for girls to solve an actual medical skin condition that plagues many including men, considering the fact that youve been part of the girly forum for years and have grown accustomed to our ways...seriously MrFur you really didnt know that??

MrFur said...

ah, but dawning on me is a slow process, like the sun rising every day, and not sudden :)
for a long time i refused (and to some extent continue to refuse) to believe that all those bottles on a dresser actually serve a purpose, and are not just expired/dried up stuff from a few seasons past. i thought some girls didn't wear make up when they went out, so surely it can't be that widespread. and yes men get afflicted by these things too, but their approach might be different (ignoore and it goes away?). orrr maybe i should just do less of this small time!

Anonymous said...

love your AM/PM music choices , please share similar lists in your future posts x