Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thank God its Thursday

I adore her
The tree I talked about in my last post : P

Ethereal gorgeousness

Lounging around @ my sisters in London
Foof I miss you! xxxx

My good friend is getting engaged tomorrow and we're all yippy skippy for her...After all the hospital work, its a great chance to slide into my Choos have my hair done and wear my Dior inspired dress a la Sienna Miller...nothing in this world gives me greater pleasure :D
Have a terrific weekend xx

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I woke up today oblivious to my surroundings...I performed my daily ritual of sleepily hitting the snooze button three different times with each piercing shriek reminding me that the next ring would be the last and finally Id have to drag my body out of my cosy cocoon to pad off into my bathroom where conveniently, I already have cushions waiting for me in the tub!
Unfortunately I woke up five minutes later than usual...and with the insane traffic on the roads these days that would mean walking into the meeting room later than the Head of Surgery...something I would prefer to forgo.
I sighed and got ready...drove to work in the same trance-like state that I woke up in...stopped at a red light in the longest morning rush...pulled out my cam and took a picture of a tree..(dont ask)...reached work by some twisted sort of fate early and watched a fascinating presentation on a male patient who was admitted after a car accident that completely whacked his spine, with the CT scans showing impacted bone fragments in the spinal cord and some seriously shattered vertebrae.
I would have killed to scrub in and watch them operate but as usual all the fun surgeries either don't happen here or actually don't happen...according to the consultant the experts have agreed that leaving him in this state would be better for him than risking the surgery and operating on him leaving him with serious damage.
I sighed again for the second time this morning and joined the team to be assigned the exciting task of discharging patients..yay..Hey at least on the bright side, they get to go home before the weekend to spend time with their families.
Im on call tonight. Bleh and its not even for medical reasons.
Sometimes I wish life would just get more interesting already. I find myself like an automaton working,half hearted attempts at studying and sleeping. Whilst the world is living around me and life is happening, my eyes glaze over in boredom at the snails pace things are at my end these days.
Honestly theres so much more to life.

On a lighter note my product find of the week is Chanels Navy Satin. The sequel to last years Black satin will not disappoint...a rich,deep inky navy that has the right amount of subdued shimmer in it and one coat was all it took to let it stay on my hands from the evening through work the next day..this coming from a girl who prefers not having colour on my nails at work.Its that sssexy.

Another delicious treat is Kiehls Soy milk and Honey body polish. This is one scrub that made my usual favourite, Natura Bisse Honey scrub pale in comparision. Not only does it contain my two favourite ingredients milk and pure honey, but its scent is yummy enough to eat and the grains in it are so gentle on my skin that I didnt realize how much this product meant serious business until I noticed the next afternoon how incredibly soft my skin was..Im hooked. From the same range is the new Nurturing body wash cream and the infamous Creme de Corp in original and light versions that my skin just drank up..Prepare yourself for baby smooth skin follow.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mid Island Blues

The heavens literally parted and the rain has been falling down in different ranges from light showers to an all out outburst of heavy downpour,large raindrops rolling down into the earth below and the clouds cover the sky in bundles of grey whilst I look on absolutely satisfied,because it reflects my mood.
I adore grey skies, cold icy breezes and pelting rain...its one of the reasons why I love travelling away in totally experience the season in its full glory...I get so profoundly affected by the weather and theres been something so whimsical about the last couple of days that I found myself a bit deeper in my thoughts than usual..

My evening lullaby for it in the background...listen to the raindrops softly tap against your windowpane and let those daydreams take you away into a deep slumber, where they will come true...Have a starry night xxx

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

PinkChampagne Beauty Bible

Its been no secret to those who know me that Im the biggest beauty junkie out there...seriously I kid you not..lotions and potions and magical feelings of bliss are my forte.
It started out as a young girl, sitting on her mothers dresser and admiring the beautiful bottles and scents, soft blush brushes that Id love to swish over my nose, makeup in gorgeous colors and delicious creams with heavenly textures..I used to sit on the edge of her bed in the evenings before one of her dinner parties watching her get dressed in awe...Soft puffs of scented powder here...a gentle cloud of perfume there...Black glossy lashes...rose cheekbones and the ultimate in a little girls fantasy world..the lipstick...
Growing up it definitely affected how I perceived beauty and although we love to believe in beauty being skin deep...the timelessness of womens rituals from Cleopatras milk baths to the Courtesans of France are living proof that the legacy will continue on...and lol the multibillion dollar industry that operates the beauty world also proves otherwise...
Beauty is a sense of welbeing...a private world, a sanctuary to escape and run to when things just dont seem right in your life...the happy high you get when you wake up glowing the morning after your dream night cream...the stress relieved when you book into a spa and sink yourself into the hands of your masseur followed by a nail treatment leaving you with beautifully polished tippy toes...deep conditioning and head massages that leave you with silky strands....its all part of the magic and theres so much more...for the women who constantly give me excuses that theyre super busy running the world consider it me-time and enjoy...
Im launching this corner on my blog to discuss any questions...update you on whats pics of my favourite tried and tested... and maybe share a few of my own personal secrets with you.

Funny Bedtime thought:
Thank you God for the blessed day you decided to create me a girl :D

Monday, January 7, 2008

Diamond in the sky...

James Blunt released a beautiful song about nostalgia called 1973...Im sure many of you have heard it and no doubt its probably affected many of you the way it affected me..
'and as time goes by I will always be in a club with you in 1973'
Regardless of who the mystery Simone is, whether a lover, a mentor perhaps or a spiritual fun crusader in an era where the world was still backlashing against the aftermath of tragedies that had happened halfway across the world in Vietnam...the point is this..
Memories and moments are all we have...invoking the spirit of laughter..times of passion...bittersweet melancholy..daring adventurous challenges that weve faced...places weve been to...and the people who happen to share our moments make remembrance so much more...
Looking back through my time I realize that I am richer than I ever could imagine...Its the most beautiful thing to follow your own path...because the nostalgia that remains is yours...from your moments...your the chosen ones by fate whose own paths are destined to cross yours...all that is yours...and I choose to celebrate that humbly...because its made me all what I am today..
Today I am richer because of the people who have crossed my life and taught me some of the most important lessons I have ever learned by generously sharing with me the different journeys life has taken them on...
Today I am richer because over the years I established a network of friends who have seen me fall..seen me smile and still love the person I am...
I am richer because I understand pain and adversity but I have never allowed that to embitter me....rather it gives a push to be a better doctor and to empathize and be supportive with friends,loved ones and people I the end of the day everyone needs to feel understood...validated....and through that I get to understand myself better.
Im not perfect...far from it in TheNormal sees it, lool Im a 'Melancholic Vampire'...
Vampire or not, tonight Im going to unwind and relax and and allow the flashbacks and ghosts of the past to visit me and comfort me, I need to be soothed tonight..
After all..nostalgia is mine.

In loving memory of JD, My diamond in the sky...
Heres looking at you kid..Wish you were here