Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sweet Dreams

I finally managed to drag myself out of bed after a long and really quiet night at the hospital...its really funny being on call because youre always alert and expecting something or the other to happen and sometimes it'll be one of those nights where nothing goes other than the occasional small happenings that as a physician you'll just have to face...I go to my room and pass out only to hear the phone shrill in my ear with the nurses' equally annoying high pitched voice telling me that a patient is having a tantrum and threatening to go downstairs to the ER if a doctor wont see him...his problem? Hes a minor surgical case with a psychiatric history and wants 3:00 a.m
I refuse and tell her instead to give him a good shot of a painkiller and to encourage him to sleep.

4:30 a.m, the delightful phone shrieks again and the same patient insists the shot was useless. I up the dose with one more shot after sleepily considering his body weight and request her to tell him that maybe if he stopped pacing down the corridors and relaxed he could get some much needed shut eye.

5:15 a.m, I just managed to go into the begining of a dreamless sleep when I hear the phone once more ringing vibrating and blinking frantically lighting up the whole ceiling and in turn waking me...I pick up.."Doctor he wants morphine."

Honestly there was only one way to ease this guy out of his insistent mental state...medically and surgically he was perfectly stable...he'd been marching up and down the corridors all day for the past 14 hours with talk of being bored with nothing to do..."Nurse please give him some lexotanil 1.5mg and let him rest"

"We dont have that in stock here right now can you come down here and write an order for the inpatient pharmacist?"

I pause...the thought of getting up, changing back into my since-6:30 a.m-day-worn clothes and squeezing my aching feet back into my shoes to stumble halfway across the hospital, made me didnt help as I suddenly recalled that Id have to get up earlier to run down to my car and pick up my change of clothes in the morning before the meeting.

I decided to forgo both.
"Sister what do you have?"
"I prefer xanax .25 or.5mg"
"Sorry doctor we dont have either"... No can do.
I sighed.
"Valium it is, Sister..2mg"
"Sorry again doctor we only have 5mg up here"
"God anything,anything Sister"...anything to knock him out and me out of my misery.

6:50 a.m, Im standing with the other residents in a total daze...racoon eyes...brain dead and feet in sheer agony from being in my flats all day...I dream of bubble baths and fresh sheets.
10:34 a.m, Im at home and I.just.cant.sleep...I resign myself to the fact that it'll happen tonight.
The bright side? Its gonna be a loong face breaks into a smile and I ask for some coffee.
Might as well enjoy it from now.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ephemeral and Jolie

Words cant say enough for how I felt after watching this.
I was asked in a tag once what my definition of a woman is and I replied with Strength.
To the women before us and to those today mothers,daughters,sisters around the world with the strength to face lifes challenges...the strength to dream...the strength to face their demons...the strength to pave their own way with their own belief system and to always making sure they looked good while doing it : )

This is part one of the 5 part interview a series of pics will pop up at the end of each at the bottom of the screen find and click on part 2,3 etc of Inside actors studio

Ephemeral I commented on your last comment at the last post..a penny for your thoughts x
Have a good Saturday peoplesss xx

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Bliss

"Because I am a bad girl, people always automatically think that I am a bad girl, or that I carry a dark secret with me or that I'm obsessed with death. The truth is that I am probably the least morbid person one can meet. If I think more about death than some other people, it is probably because I love life more than they do."
Angelina Jolie

Unfortunately last weekend hit a glitch due to family schedule mix ups and an on call at work...I spent the whole week slaving away determined to definitely have the weekend I planned and finally on Thursday I packed, set my music and went to Dubai.
It was absolutely and utterly relaxing...Spent the first night at the Buddha Bar for dinner followed by a decadently dreamy sleep catching up on a much needed snoozefest...following morning breakfast at the Grosvenor house for the yummiest oatmeal berries and honey with double chocolate milk making my sister chuckle at my eight year old sudden whim...
Headed off to watch Wanted and god it was so worth it...Not since Gia released in 1998 have I been moved by a performance by Angelina...she looked absolutely breathtaking and the glow on her face, the strength she exuded comes from the past rollercoaster year of her mother dying and the support of finding an inner place of peace with Brad pitt and her children...I admired her in Gia because as an actress she shed her inhibitions and worked professionally and challengingly for a very graphically raw true account of the story of Gia Carangi that hit very close to home for her...and she made the movie compelling...she delivered a portrayal of brilliance.. performance with shellshocking honesty...alot of other actresses wouldnt be able to pull off what she did.
Maybe thats one of the many things I love about her...Shes a rebel that doesnt aplogize for who she is and yet she cares so much for the world...Shes the UN's High Commissioner for Refugees Emissary..I loved her book 'Notes on my travels'...when you look into her eyes you'll see stories that won't ever be told...cementing my personal philosophy...leave everything to the imagination...She was very open about her sexuality and now with time has a very je ne sais quoi air about her making most people look at her with a mixture of fascination, intimidation and awe...a strange combination reflecting how most are not comfortable in their own humans its such a shame to deny or not acknowledge what we possess.
I followed up the movie with the most blisssssssssful treatment at my favourite spa Sensasia and as the masseur worked on my tension with soft scrubs and milk and frangapani oils...I slipped away into a deep slumber to wake up feeling like I was literally walking on air...the rest of the weekend passed by just as decadently and I made my pilgrimage to Harvey nics to stock up on my Kiehls essentials..Philip B's white truffle hair treatments and a look at my favourite corner...stunning Lanvin.

I leave you with the Gia trailer and kisses for a starry night xx

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Weakness In Me

I spent my birthday yesterday in the O.R working on seven operations back to exhilarating as the O.R is for me,I still wanted to party lol.Midnight started with text and phone calls internationally from some of my closest dearest friends..some that I havent been in touch with in a while..all the way throughout and to the end of the day...every call made my day because as much as I lack a social life here I realized that real friends appreciate you and the good days you give each put me in a happy place and yes lol I will party by treating myself to a gorgeous weekend getaway to treatments..lots of laughter..and overindulgence because like I said before, all I want for now is excess relaxation and bliss.

You know how Oprah feels that she gets bummed when she can't find new books...its like that with me except my passion is different...Ive been bummed because I couldnt find good music and today I want to share with you a really beautiful a stunning track that I came across was the cherry on the cake of a really loving day.

So heres to you my bubblylicious readers...a glass of bubblywishes filled with hope and dreams and all things new...a toast to the ones we love and the ones we have yet to love...and more than anything to another year of fabulous spontaneity and adventure...xx

Friday, July 4, 2008


Armani Prive

Anne Valerie Hash



Burberrys warrior bag


With the fall/winter collections coming out, despite the burning July heat Im already putting together my winter wardrobe for my favourite time of year...Im really loving totes this coming season and I already got a hold of the cream Burberry metallic studded tote which is stunning in real life..the blue Chanel tote is a total lust-have and its going to replace everything except clutches next season for me.
The Couture shows were real eye candy and fun to skim through...Im in love with Christian Lacroix's collection its absolute genius and I found myself lost in the whimsical shapes...contrasting textures and eccentrically artistic palettes of colours that span different eras of time.
New designer at the helm of Valentino, Allesandra Facchinetti pulled off a very whispery and ethereal collection with plenty of chiffon, nudes and black...I cant wait to see her upcoming collections.

I have loads more pics to post of looks Ive pulled from the ready to wear lines but Im exhausted its been a verrrry hectic time so far...thank god for the other extreme in my a creative art that gladly envelopes me in its arms after I get tired of all the academic and realistic aspects of my life...its so soothing to switch back into 'me' mode and feel like a girl...After all my hard work I just want excess everything...relaxation...luxurious pleasures...zenlike calmness....Im in the mood to just spoil myself silly and I think thats the nicest thing about being self posessed...its all about you.

Have a good fourth of July peopless xx