Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wanderlust and Balmy Weather

Although we're in May, judging by the weather here its officially summer..five more months to go until I take my annual winter vacation for two months and jet off to the sexier parts of the world...why do I love travelling in winter? I get to experience a country in its natural state of huge influx of congested insanity at the boutique counters...streets with the local population walking around who can actually give you directions...and the best part...the fall/winter wardrobe with no heat to mess up your hair and skin...just gorgeous breezy days and chilly nights experiencing the splendor of a city in all its glory.
As for summer here the good thing is I get to make it to work on time with no crazy rush hour in the mornings so I sleep in an extra 15 min :D..Balmy evenings so far, relaxing to a good tune and a good book...most patients are away on summer holidays so the extra time allows me to delve into hobbies and new things especially as my new year resolutions this year was not to make any...I find myself interested in fun light things...Im taking up French officially finallyyyyyy and my tutor is supposed to come over and study with me for a year so Im really looking forward to gym sessions will kick off seriously to keep myself healthy and I have yet to compile this years summer reading list..a tradition since high school that I enjoy although I do have a couple of books that Im supposed to get into soon..
I have yet to find a weekend hangout that I can laze around in while working on a tan...Im open to any good suggestions...AD still needs to branch into summer leisure time..but so far so looks like its going to be a quiet peaceful one.
This summer will definitely be a spa one...The Iwona Spa in Dubai has the infamous oxygen facials that Madonna swears by..and my personal favourite Sensasia spa will be opening their new branch in the Palm very soon..they have the most delicious treatments...theres more that I plan on visiting on the weekends and I will update with reviews..In AD the Antara spa in Emirates palace comes highly recommended...I have yet to pay them a visit and check out their spa menu...good fun.
Arcona beauty a long kept secret of Hollywood who owe their fresh dewy complexions to it, has opened its doors to the world and given access to all the girlies out there by selling their products as well as adverstising themselves...they use the most natural effective ingredients produced under cold temperatures to preserve the vitamens contained...the enzyme peel treatments sound so utterly divine I cant wait to try them when I go there.
Yippy Skippy! I went from being a total techno blonde who couldnt upload pics to posting my very own mini ipod honour of my technosavviness lmao Im dedicating this track to you..Heres a toast of bubbly cheers to summer nights and lazy days.

Sweet dreams xxx


nyxxie said...

hahah you've got me longing for winter break instead of summer break ;p

the anantara spa is ok, i love their 4 hands massage, 2 people massage your hands and feet, their facials are nothing that special, they use elemis which i luv but.. i dont know i dont think their that good.

:D enjoy your day luvy xx

MrFur said...

you're graduating from techno-phobe to techno-master! b4 long you'll be streaming vids from the OT (operating theater?)
and that tutor coming all the way from france better be good!

moi said...

I love your taste in music please share more :)

Fastidious Babe said...

Its already boiling isn't it? I can't imagine how june july and august will turn out.. prolly hotter and stickier *ughh* i hate traveling in summer too you see, but i'm dreading staying in town already..

If u haven't tried Alamara spa in Park Hayatt you should give it a try .. when ur in dubai that is xx

PinkChampagne said...

@Nyxxie loves you too babe xx
@Mr Fur the tutor is from here not France lol..Im not insane.
@Moi thank you so much :) why dont you try looking through the you tube videos I posted to listen to some of my favourite tunes until I update next time...heres a link to one I think you 'll like from my Feburary 1st post
@Fastidious...appreciate the recommendation...Ive heard about that spa too..they use Shiffa I believe..I put that on my list :)