Sunday, July 19, 2009


A really witty read

Loves it!

Fastidious Babes fabulous taste in literature :D

Not a fan of MAC but a huge fan of honey..The Naked Honey highlighter

Spent the day after leaving my on call and decided to browse the mall after a good four months. I'm not big on shopping in AD as theres nothing that holds my interest here, but nonetheless it was good fun to just have a change from the routine of work and venture into the real world.
That doesn't mean that things have been stagnant for me though..since returning from my last adventure 4 months ago, I've been restless and the urge is reeling to a new metamorphosis once more.
So far my plans are shaping up well and the fun part is theres quite a few things pending whilst I sort myself out with it all, including new hobbies. The summer tends to get a bit slow so Ive decided to try out some pretty interesting things that I have time for now and just need to commit to. Im inspired and that's been a really good rush by itself..there's nothing like a bit of sparkle to suddenly breeze in with the summer heat and put you in a really good mood.
You'll have to watch this space for more on that to come..
Have a relaxing day off tomorrow my bubblylicious readers.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The September Issue

August 28th releases the documentary The September Issue in tandem with U.S Vogue magazine's most anticipated issue of the year, the mega fashion packed read thats so heavy with style its literally two kgs in weight.

This documentary followed her as she and the Vogue offices prepared for the 2007 September issue. A new piece of info? Wintour never wears Prada lol.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

On Birthdays and Summer tans

Midas Touch
The elusive perfect shade of red

I knowwww! lol

The past few weeks caught me in a continuous cycle of work and weekend on calls, with the extreme heatwave that has attacked the country and the intense blast of humidity injected in the air for good measure I seriously went into flat-not-so-bubbly-mode. But like all things I cant stay in a dreary phase for long and I figured I needed to snap out of it asap.

I just realized my last post was my happy hundreth to this cosy corner..I really should update more often. I also celebrated my birthday this past weekend and had a relaxing chilled out day with no pressure-for-fun, rather a go with the flow soothing lazy indulgence.

I got the sudden urge this weekend to go bronze goddess and transform myself from fair to honey and I must say it was really fun to do something different for a change. Stayed in this past week watching,yes I know Dynasty of all things (it's become a guilty pleasure lol) and a few other shows to catch up on before the fall season episodes begin. True Blood was rated as one of the top seasons premiered but so far Ive been disappointed, the awful casting and the slow plot lost my interest at episode 4..I guess I'll move on to other things.

On a bubblier note I got my lust listed black birkin a while back finallyyyyyy and it was the coolest thing ever. Although Im not really a hardcore fan, London Hermes is so much more accommodating than what I've heard about the past 6 months Ive managed to pick up three birkins from them with no drama whatsoever and theyve been really sweet in helping their customers find what they look for.
That's it from me right now, there are definitely more news and posts from me to come my bubblylicious readers. Thank you for being so patient. InD you had me smiling at your update prompts :)
Have yourselves a bubblylicious summer night xx