Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Ive been inspired by many people growing up...when applying for college I'd come across the question 'Who is your role model?' countless times and it always made me think to myself...I have none.
I appreciate the different facets that make up different personalities...I love all sorts of unique and quirky traits...and Ive always admired specific qualitites to the vast majority of people that have touched my life...to label someone a role model would be to put them on a pedestal to only realize after much adulation that they are after all only human...thus explaining my point that we are so interesting and complex...the many layers that make us up are too deep to limit to only one person...and my goal has always been to produce a better version of myself with each passing day and with every phase now and then I look at how Ive morphed and what my ideal ways of reaching my own finish line are before competing against myself to finally put a tick next to my new accomplishment be it personal or professional.
The medical field has always been academic and clinical...Physicians are trained to focus on that and have a sense of responsibility and detachment to the point where Im surrounded by excellent doctors hospitals over who have lost their lives in the world of their own passion treating diseases and ailments and accomplishing their own sense of satisfaction with every successful procedure or degree attained...but yet are out of touch with their private selves and personal lives.
As a woman with her own sense of self possession I realize that yes I love my profession to bits and I have lots to look forward to in terms of achieving with the coming years, but I have a deep rooted sense of being a woman that I believe is wholly crucial in maintaining a sense of identity...femininity is after all what separates us from the boys...and the fun that Ive had in this life being a girl I would do all over again if I had to...Im not a feminist in any way and Ive never believed in equal rights...as girlish creatures of the complex land we are bestowed with rights by just staying true to who we are and what we want out of life.
Whilst watching the primaries a while ago I noticed Hillary Clintons ratings drop in favour of Barack Obama..At one point infamous and highly esteemed fashion maven Anna Wintour invited Hilary for the highly coveted cover of a Vogue photoshoot...Latin sensation Jennifer Lopez has never been invited for one, but Hilary got the chance to empower females across the country and the power of fashion media to send her message across the entire world...Diana did it...Jacqueline Kennedy embraced it...Hillary Clinton?
She was afraid she would have subjected herself to ridicule and barbie jokes across Capitol Hill and the rest of the States...by running like a man she was denying herself the truth of who she actually was and rather than stay true to herself and unapologetically embrace it she avoided the obvious and who can trust that? Ratings dropped everywhere.
Imagine my delight when I discovered Lisa Airan a couple of years ago.
Dr Lisa Airan is one of Manhattan's most prominent cosmetic dermatologists...after Oprah she became a world renowned one and has an impressive resume to match.
Not just a pretty face she has combined her love of aesthetics with her flair of fashion to create a blend of medicine and femininity...the results? Gorgeousness.
Dr Airan epitomizes everything I celebrate and respect in a woman...her face has graced the pages of Vogue many times and it seems that she just cant stop working and having a blast whilst shes doing it...if that doesnt inspire then I do not know what will..for now all I can say is I cant wait to meet her this summer hopefully because she's the only person in this world whom I can trust with my skin...That is until I get my own degree.


nyxxie said...

she is definitely a leader in her field, let us know how it goes darling xx ;-)

MrFur said...

i can see where you're coming from with the role model issue, as you say we're all humans, fallible by nature, so self-improvement is key in the path to success, at the personal level, and i think that will translate to success on all other levels, eventually.
i didn't know that about clinton, but it made me think, if their "leaders" are so confused about identity, then what about the masses?

Vica said...

ooo....PC don't worry...by the looks of it...you're a Ms Airan in the making. I know you'll accomplish all of your dreams someday. Who knows, maybe even be on oprah??? ;)


PinkChampagne said...

Thnak you everyone for being sweet :)

Vica you just made my day...Thank you for believing in me...lots of love and hugs xxx