Friday, February 1, 2008


Its been an interesting week. More so on a personal level...Ive settled into my comfort zone by finding new things to pursue and old favourites I had left behind.
The weather has been hauntingly beautiful...Spent a lovely afternoon in my favourite private hideaway place overlooking the sea..
As I watched the wind transform everything into a frenzy...blowing the waves into a crashing succession of white that foamed and merged into one hair blown into strands across my face and shoulders as it whipped through me and my soul...I suddenly felt an invigorating sense of renewal.
I recall being here exactly a year ago...fresh out of my intern was different...all it takes is one year...I stood in the same place it all started for me and moments flashed by as the sky turned a daker shade of grey...Im not complete...a part of me decided to leave and stay in the past where it belongs...every now and then Im reminded of another time...another place...and I know that Im not the only one...
It took me some time to figure out that the one thing youre running from is the same thing youre running to...Life is so ironic.

I decided to thouroughly enjoy this alluring weather by taking up tennis...Im really looking forward to it...and I cant wait to hit the courts soon...Being the free spirit that I am with the attention span of a mosquito...this is something that I know Im going to see at least until the weather changes : P

Am on the hunt for these.

Heres a couple of all time faves to see you through the evening..

Have a starry night xx


Seniorita said...

I've been planning to take up a new hobby for 2008 but haven't decided whether it be a sport or a musical instrument.

Where will you take the tennis classes?

PinkChampagne said...

I think its a great idea to pursue a sport as the weather is really helping...theers a slew of places with great tennis courts...The Ladies club has a good court...check it out.