Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quod Me Nutrit Me Destruit

I sat up for four days straight in between recovering and sleeping reading The Diana Chronicles...the highly controversial book that topped the bestseller lists weeks long before it was due in stores...From the media blitz before the release I was expecting a princess bashing book about shortcomings and the usual critique from the author.

From the first page I was was one of the best page turners Ive come wasn't a tabloid fiction based on loose facts...rather a deep psychological study on the monarchy and the Princess Brown writes she weaves the details and the facts together to bring you something Ive never encountered in any of the other Diana books...a sense of her true essence...the world she lived in and the world she created...up until the last moments of her life.

I think one of the things Ive always associated with her was her ability to laugh at herself and to be true to who she was regardless of how it would appear...the more she shared her flaws the more she drew people takes alot to unapologetically be yourself and embrace your weaknesses in a world that focuses on pretty pictures of eternal happiness and perfection...For a Princess...there hasn't been any other quite like her.

We live in a hedonistic world...the pursuit of instant gratification and short term happiness by whatever means specific to each individual...Diana like the rest of us built her life around a dream...she built dreams out of that dream...We've all been there...we've believed in things that maybe we shouldn't have...we've pursued a star that upon almost reaching it vanishes showing us the fallacy of our deepest wishes...and we've all clung on to a notion that resonates within our subconscious to trigger off a rollercoater of beginings and twists...of the endless heady intoxication of highs and lows that not only take over your whole life, nourishing it to completeness yet causes a spiral of all your thoughts and dreams to come crashing down in one succession at the same time..

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Fastidious Babe said...

the constant pursuit of dreams is what makes life worth living. This is how i see it, once ur done dreaming.. u no longer are alive.

enjoy the bed rest xx