Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thank God its Thursday

I adore her
The tree I talked about in my last post : P

Ethereal gorgeousness

Lounging around @ my sisters in London
Foof I miss you! xxxx

My good friend is getting engaged tomorrow and we're all yippy skippy for her...After all the hospital work, its a great chance to slide into my Choos have my hair done and wear my Dior inspired dress a la Sienna Miller...nothing in this world gives me greater pleasure :D
Have a terrific weekend xx


Vica said...

OMG....the dress is absolutely gorg!!!
Oh an you finally learnt how to upload picsss.....looking forward to you going crazyyy with pic-filled posts ;)

Anonymous said...

Love ur dress! Reminds me of my oscar lilac dress last season! Dress up and enjooooy!

kytheria said...

yaay i love your dress so sexy..!! and your sis place is very spiritual i like it, enjoy your friend's engagement party, 3ogbalech ya rab..!! :-D

Aljoud said...

beyoootiful dress!!! girl, you have exquisite taste ;) mashallah lol

I liked ur sis' place.. very cosyyyy.. <3

PinkChampagne said...

@ Vica and anonymous...merciiii.
Amiga I am techno blondie no more I hope :) xx

@Kytheria...loads of hugs Thank you...inshalla you too x

@Aljoud thats so sweet of should drop by sometime when youre in town and we shall have tea and crumpets lmao :D

Seniorita said...

I love your sister's place and I'd definetely fall asleep on the couch.