Friday, February 22, 2008

Annual Bubblys

I haven't updated recently as I wasn't well...the episode gave me a sudden jolt of realization of the fragility of the human being...working with patients slowly detached me from their physical pain and the role reversal shook me with a better understanding of what it really feels like being in their place...morphine is the worst drug in the world ever...Its literally nauseating..el7amdila for everything its been a good recovery and Im thankful to having my loved ones support me through it all..
So back to the bubbles....Although my personal journal has been full..I missed writing here...I decided to post my Annual List as its been on my mind for ages so I hope you all get to share the fun with me until I update with something more substantial soon.

Dermalogica ultracalming cleanser...the best discovery this year.
Cle de peau eau fraiche cleanser...really gives a fresh soft finish without overdrying and respects your skins need to stay balanced.
Makeup Remover:
Johnsons baby extracare wipes with pale green moisturizing stripes...the perfect precleanse but does not remove mascara.
Chanels eyemakeup remover.
Chanel Hydramax+serum...boosts hydration levels of the skin and can be used in conjunction with almost anything.
Elemis Trienzyme peel serum and night cream.
Chanel Sublimage...simply put this is an absolute stunner...created a cult following and its not hard to see why.
Dark Circles...Hylexin.
Eyemask..Estee lauder stress relief eyemask/Clarins eye mask (pop in the fridge 10 min before for an ultra treat)
Origins out of trouble 10 min mask...Nixes all your skin woes to deep cleanse and calm at the same time.
Guerlain super aqua sheet masks....the deliciously scented sheets impart serious moisture and utter relaxation of your used on a calm evening with warm pj's and lounge music.
Origins white tea guardian antioxidant nighttime mask...neutralises all those harsh antioxidants that attack your skin during the day.
Elemis papaya enzyme peel...literally eats up all your dead skin cells that deprive you from a fresh glow.
Clinique gentle soft it wont aggravate sensitive skin.
Bobbi browns buffing grains...a real favourite of mine...mix with water or any of your cleansers for a quick scrub. Dermatologist based treatments:
Chanel micro solution peel with 10% Glycolic acid...this once a year programme with micro ampoules for 21 days works perfectly in winter when skin is less prone to irritation from the sun and the heat in summer.
Natura bisse glycoline...for those with less sensitive skin has a higher concentration of Glycolic acid.
Mario Badescu drying lotion
Kiehls drawing paste
Chanels purete ideal blemish treatment
for those breakouts that you just had to squeeze...apply Fucidin H cream at drugstores.
Clarins UV Plus SPF 40....light as air.
Laura Mercier oil free foundation primer. <3<3<3<3

Foundation:Lancome teint idole ultra.
Chanel teint innocence compact...smooths on skin like a fresh cool breeze...literally.
Giorgio armani luminous silk foundation.
Clarins teint souffle...I wont ever stop raving about this one.
T.clerc loose of the worlds best kept beauty secret.
Dior forever compact...perfect to keep in your purse or the car for quick touchups...doesnt hurt that the packaging is cuuute.
Bareescentuals mineral i.d
By Terry lightening expert foundation/concealer...Shes the same creator of the infamous Touche eclat by YSL which comes second on this list.
Lancome Virtuose
YSL mascara volume effect faux cils
Body smoothers:
Kiehls soy honey scrub
Natura Bisse honey scrub...crystals of honey do the work on dry skin to later come into contact with water and literally melt into the skin leaving you with the softest skin ever.
Body creams:
Kiehls creme de corp
Hand cream:
Shiseido hand and ultra moisturizing.
Foot care:
Apart from my obsessive weekly paraffin treatment I love to maintain my tippy toes with Bliss foot patrol cream and softening socks once a week...perfect for a cozy night in with a mug of cocoa and your bestie on the phone.


Kerastase bain miroir
Kerastase Nutridefense bain satin
Kerastase nutridefense lait
Bumble and bumble creme de coco...smells so gorgeous you'll want to eat it up
Philip Kingsleys hair elasticiser
Frederic fekkai overnight hair repair
Bumble and bumble me the perfect just rolled out of bed slept in look.
Frederic fekkai glossing creme.
styling product
Bumble and bumble straight...has seven different types of silicone in it so it coats the hair and gives a gorgeous result to your blowdry
Bumble and bumble grooming creme.
Kiehls silk groom.
Mason pearsons hairbrush.

Have a bubblybeautylicious weekend x


Anonymous said...

7mdillah 3ala salamtchgorgeous. ,matshofeen shar i reaaaaaly truly missed you.

this entry is going into my favorites!! ur list will forever be my guide. merci for all the lovileness you spread into the world!! xox

Mr Fur said...

welcome back doc!

nyxxie said...

PC i tried calling you several times with failed attempts elhemdlillah 3la salamtch yal ghalyeh khe6aach el shar w THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR THE YUMMMMMMMMSIEST LIST EVER lol im soooooooo hitting the beauty sections at noon when they first open tomorrow xxx !! ;*

sham3h said...

PC: Alf 7amdellaaaah 3ala elsalaaama dear, etwalahna 3alaich :) ajer we 3afya inshalaaaah :) only the wise appreciate every situation in life and bring out the positive lessons we are meant to learn :D

see you around in the forum dear :)

Fastidious Babe said...

Oh, welcome back! hope ur well on ur way to recovery xx

nothing puts patients into perspective like trying out the other side of the game, i once was a patient too, and it did wonders to my consultation skills..
I'm sure that as a surgeon, u tend to forgo the "communication" part and patients end up being "cases" - on the long run anyways..

Loved the list..
have a good one xx

Aljoud said...

il7imdellah 3ala elsalamah sweetie! hope you're feeling fantabulous now!! *hugsyoubreathlessss*
missed youuu heaps n heappps!
and superdupersugarcoated thanks for the yummy list!!!! loved the recommendations! ;*

Anonymous said...

Mar7ba Esa3 , welcome back 7boobah
thanks for the list ,
Bent Al-3ain

Anonymous said...

wats the diffrence between fucicort and fucidin?

PinkChampagne said...

@Nawary <3<3<3 My favourite fashionista in the whole wide world..thank you xx

@Mr Fur its nice to be back

@Nyxxie Ill be calling soon *hugs*

@Sham3h Allah yslmj...will log in soon

@Fastidious Im interested in knowing more about really is tough to be a patient on the other end.

@Aljoud...hey you! Glad you liked it :)

@Bent al-3ain...youre more than welcome xx

@Anonymous...Fucisdin is an antibiotic and fucicort is the same thing but has hydrocortisone added to it as an extra to calm down any inflammation.