Sunday, February 3, 2008

Must haves

Every year I come up with my personal stamp of approval for the best products that Ive discovered...Since its really going to take forever to post I thought Id share them over my coming entries or until next weekend when I'd write the whole thing...In the meantime for you gorgeous girls out there are three equally gorgeous products that have surpassed my standards for must-haves.

Its the softest veil of translucency that actually lives up to its promise of staying put for 14 hours...Just pat on a little over problem areas...wait to dry completely to allow the microspheres to take effect and watch it stay all day with no need to retouch.

Ive still noticed alot of women who still dont match their foundation to their skin...Regardless of how great a product is and the reviews it gets...if it doesnt have your exact skin shade then move on until you find the brand that does....Most sales people have really surprised me when I see them telling customers to get a shade lighter or darker because that negates the whole is to perfect the canvas so that everything will look polished afterwards...and the lighting in most stores is not reflective of how the colour will turn out...neither should you test foundation over your should be over the jawline and should be a perfect match.

The second generation to Lancomes original Teint Idole...Teint Idole Ultra.

Imagine my glee when I discovered gorgeousssss shine...comes in the cutest colours...My vote goes to Vanille Beige...a stunning glossy nude that has been on my lips for the past three days straight.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Gloss sticks.

The product that beat Cetaphil (the medically ranked gentlest cleanser in the world)....Dermalogica's Ultra calming cleanser soothed and calmed my skin...perfect enough to use for our weather and gentle but really effective at cleaning skin...I was giving my skin a detox this winter and this was my one allowed product apart from sunscreen...Results are delicious.

Have a good week peoplessss xx


Seniorita said...

I've also been on a quest to find the perfect foundation and by trial and error of everything from Mac to Mikyaji, the most natural looking one turned out to be Maybelline. All the photographs I'm in witness the flawless complexion it gives me.

Thank you for sharing Pink Champagne.

Fastidious Babe said...

I go for bare minerals.. uber lightweight.. and i like the light coverage a la spf!

the kiss kiss gloss sticks look yummyliciouS!!! and im STILL in the NUDE LIPS phase..! i give it a week or two, more or less xD

Good finds babe.. will be looking forward to the annual list-Ah xx

Vica said...

I totally agree with you hun ;) Dermalogica is a lil piece of heaven. I use the special cleansing gel and ii does wonders for my skin.... so much that my bro's using my products...hmmmppfffff ....I'm gonna start charge him for it

Fastidious Babe said...

heY! what happened to my comment!
did u not get it?
weird >_<

emm.. in short.. liked the nude lippie.. and would like to see the full list xD

oh and did u try bare minerals.. its lightweight and has spf ..

Bent Al-Ain said...

Thanks Amoorah
waiting next list

PinkChampagne said...

Thank you gorgeous ones :)

@Fastidious I love bare minerals...really fresh.

Annual list will be coming soon xx