Sunday, February 10, 2008

A smile and a skip

As a gorgeous celebration of the month of love and adhering to my New Years resolution of being open to new things I decided to devote my time to doing all the things that I love.
I have been ecstatically surprised to see that everyday has been gorgeous in its own right...Im more relaxed than I ve ever been and as a result I find a strength returning with alot of inspiration enthusiasm sparkling within me..
The older we grow the more we come to understand lifes more defining and poignant messages...You only have one chance to live it...why not vivaciously?

To gorgeous track that Ive been addicted to since January, from one of my favourite arabic vocalists Elissa...cant wait for the music video...or is it out already?

The past two weeks involved devoting most of my time to proving my place in my new department with the support of the team..I feel like its another world and another breed of doctors...the Head is one of the most professional people Ive encoutered at the hospital and is looked upon literally and I quote as the 'Godfather'...all of the surgeons bend over backwards to win his respect and Im impressed with the level of teamwork and commitment that each of them put in to their day everyday...Ive been assigned to a specialist who is incredibly genius and is wholeheartedly teaching me the art of surgery from the working aspect to the how to think like a surgeon and allowing that to extend through to my own life..Happily my philosophical side is satiated to the point where waking up every morning has become a pleasure...and coming home with mental notes of things to read up on and research gives me a better sense of fulfillment.
I was assigned an intern too who is so sweet she makes me laugh everyday...and everytime she wants to sneak off the floor after her responsibilities are fulfilled she'd turn to look at me with the desperate bored look all interns learn to master and I would remember my own days...with the calmest voice I'd say "I don't want to know where you are I assume youre at the clinic right?" to which her face would break out into a huge smile and she'd skip off...home.

I leave you with a smile and a skip myself...Have a starry night xx


Abdulrahman said...

torture her!! i'm against being nice to interns....they should suffer like we did!!

have a wonderful night =p

Fastidious Babe said...

Aww ur such a sweet resident.. i tend to be stiff with em interns XD

to a month full of love xx

Mr Fur said...

lol @ above.

the snapshot of your career progression really sounds great, i hope it is not just a crest and you stay at or near that level throughout..and inspire other kiddies to do the same when they grow up :D