Sunday, May 31, 2009

Red Velvets..

So I spent the afternoon with my little sister Queen Fi (who's my bestest friend in the world and has magic fingers mashalla when it comes to whipping up our favourite dishes, its the aura that comes from them...all love) making the infamous London Hummingbird Cupcakes' from their secret recipe...getting it, no easy feat I tell you.
Behold beneath you, the image of the exact same rich taste..decadently mouthmelting buttery icing and a whole lot of laughter as we created utter magic.



Queen Fi's magical hands x

Have yourselves a really fun evening xx


KissMyShades said...

How about some alms for the poor ? do let us in on the secret, pleeaaase ?

PinkChampagne said...

@KissMyShades..Youre Dickens even when youre funny lol, how can I refuse?
Email me and I'll let you in on the secret xx

Anonymous said...

love your sister's manicure..what is it plz ? =)

PinkChampagne said...

@Anon...Merci :) Its Essie's Secret Stash.

Fastidious Babe said...

PC: they look deelish! secret stash is a cool name too XD xx

Anonymous said...


The Anony asking about the mani =)

PinkChampagne said...

@Anony..youre more than welcome :)

Anonymous said...

pinkooosha .. let me in on the secret too .. please? (:

Aljoud said...

I love looove loooove baking/cooking!
I baked an ohsossssscrumptious chocolate/hazelnut cheesecake yesterday! everyone LOVED IT! It tasted so heavinly - think: ferrero rocher, cheese, hazelnuts and nutella! ahhh 3athab =p

PinkChampagne said...

@Cherry...Oh no lol!!
Na2a pinkoosha :( Its bubblyyyy
As for the recipe :D maybe...
lol alright send me your email x

@Aljoud..Omg I died and went to chocolate heaven!...that sounds soooo delicious and sinful..I must try this luscious concoction sometime in the distant future lol xxx

Aljoud said...

lol it certainly was sinful *sigh* but worth every calorie!
I'll email you the recipe.. let your sis try it with her magical fingers ;) lol

so whats the secret in those red velvets? I like Magnolia's Red Velvets mooooot!! <3

and girl, I LOVE your playlist! esp. Dance Me To the End of Love

PinkChampagne said... I will tell her that xx And thank you sooooo much for that scrumptious recipe god Im going to die from it lol x
*Hugssss* for loving the music youre obviously a girl of exceptional taste lol :D
As for the cupcakes, babygirl that recipe is all yourssss :) Ill email you as soon as I can manage to find a few minutes to write the whole thing down for you xx
Loads of love and hugs my little niftee xx

Anonymous said...

sorrryy i thought pinkosha would suit the whole pink champagne thing
where can i send you my email?

PinkChampagne said...

@Cherry.. :) No worries xx
Send to