Friday, March 7, 2008

My la-la land

Im currently at work right now...on gorgeous Friday morning...its peaceful and really soothing.Woke up refreshed today after an early nights sleep (finally) the best thing about Friday work? No traffic...just a long wide expanse of clear road along the beachfront the cloudy skies up ahead tinged with the rays of sunshine playing peekabo casting different subdued hues across the sparkling sea.I popped in my chillout lounge CD and listened to zero 7's waiting line...the ultimate in morning smooth grooves...I put in a clip for you guys to enjoy too while you read the rest of this entry.

Walked in and whilst Im waiting for patients decided to do my shopping online...yippy skippy at the sexy stuff Im finding...Honestly this season Ive fallen in love with Miu a true Lanvin addict Ive never been disappointed..I found some very soft pieces..and a couple of Alberta ferretti silk not to mention the black silk Stella flapper style dress that I can dress up or down in a million ways...Im thinking biker jacket and ankle boots...or delicious Chanel pearls and silk I can go on.
Its just that with all my life and time in the hospital...always trying to study for residency placement exams I get caught up in it all...I love creativity and like all the other women in this world fashion is an outlet for my expression and an extension of myself and my varied moods...and since I barely have time to trawl the malls of dxb...AD is not exactly a variety filled garden...just labels and no sizes and no choice...its either when Im on vacation or online wrapped in my PJ's and snuggly robe...Heaven...
In the meantime I cant wait to hit the gym again in a couple of weeks...surgeons not allowed me to work out just walk for now...but on a plus note to add to my motivation I found the Chanel tennis racquet I was trying to hunt cuuute...on a down side lol they didnt have the skirts I was lusting for.

Theres this Stella outfit above that I fell in love with...clean fresh simple lines and another cute one thats just fun...Im still on the lookout.
After the coaxing of one my sweetest pals...Im also going to take up skiing this another reason to hunt down Chanel skis ahahaha and a gorgeous snow bunny outfit to'll be perfect for the upcoming summer months especially as I hate travelling in summer,for me its so passe...Fall winter vacations are incredibly delicious...and loads of fun.
I gotta run off right now...loves you guys bunches xxx


Mr Fur said...

'tis great to see you on the rebound..but becareful please, skiing can be a dangerous sport! sometimes i wish all work was at weekends, for the traffic, and office quiet

Fastidious Babe said...

love winter vacations, mostly for the outerwear and boots <3 <3

hope u had a swift shift x

kytheria said...

I never went on vacation in the winter, i never thought i would enjoy it cuz i dont feel comfortable in the cold weather, but Europe or any other country could be cool in the summer and this is more than enough to me, i know that alot of arabs will be there but i dont think i have a problem with it :-D