Thursday, March 20, 2008

A day in the life of an insomniac

Love this vintage style calendar <3>

Quickie 5 min touch up to look fresh...Chanels facepowder/subtle highlighter..fave blush...a stain of Beige Vanille Guerlain on my lips and a spritz of my signature Chanel scent as Coco used to your perfume wherever youd like to be kissed *swoon*
Must haves...Shiseido hand cream...Agenda Im also an amnesiac now lol...little notebook for quick rounds and ssexy betty boop for longer notes to prepare..of course the surgical handbook for quick info at your fingertips...I have to find my Oxford one :S

Hopping in the car

Driving to work in the morning with my beloved lounge music or Fairouz <3

Weekly update on new advances in surgery

Journal club for discussion of latest surgical literature published in journals

View from conference room with sunlight streaming in

The on call call no Greys Anatomy Mcsteamy and Mcdreamy antics going on in here.

The black coffee ritual...lets just say its a jolt that shocks your system and allows you to function

Nursing station where al the patients files are written up on and lab tests checked on during rounds.

Work station where we write most reports and gather together to discuss patients on our morning rounds

Oscar and Lucy (I have to change their names) cheer me up every day at the nursing station

Daily ritual of unwinding to music online

lol reading material tonight...Vogue and a surgical literature paper

Out of the kazillion Chanels I own I

Couldnt decide which everyday bag to change into to...finally the reissue won :)

My private room where I get to unwind and get treated like royalty with my favourite beauticians

The sssexiest shade of red ever invented on my freshly parafined toes..soft as a babys butt :D

theres the cutest surprise in there for myself

I had to get the shoes to match with this Champagne coloured evening bag...dreamy

This picure just does no justice (click pic for a close up)...its sparkly and is a sexy statement to a simple look

Fell in love with a black cashmere dress that is so Coco and so me...just add my Chanel ballerina flats and some pearls and lounge at home in.
Heres a gorgeous gray taffeta skirt that I have to have and deciding between two swimsuits
Also picked a cute hoodie to make my jeans looks sssexier :p

Moms day present :)

My cant live without Chanel No.5 milk bath and bath oil (Ive been loyal for seven years now) with origins nitghttime antioxidant mask and my softttttt snuggly bathrobe..cosiness doesnt get better than this :)

Im addicited to quiet sensuous lighting before bed especially since med school

My fave scent along with Diptyques Gardenia and Jo malones Pomegranate..heavenly sleep x
Have a starry night xxxx


Aljoud said...

Allaaaaaaah I loved your day! Ultimate cuteness and class! It reminded me of Julie Andrews' My Favourite Things:
"Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eye lashes
Silver white winters that melt into spring
These are a few of my favorite things!"
Oscar and Lucy are the cutest! But I had my share of unfortunate events with GoldFish >.< lol
loving this.

kytheria said...

i wanna steal all your bags..!! lool, the nailpolish looks really sexy and good on you..

MrFur said...

thanks for the insight into your daily rituals, i'm impressed with the many photos ;p j/k
masha Allah fann..

Anonymous said...

i'm Sleeeeepy

Fastidious Babe said...

u really are a hard-core chanel person rntcha! xD

great having a lil peek at your day .. oh and ur workplace seems like a lotta fun! especially with em goldfish xD

have a great day, hope ur mom liked her gift xx

Anonymous said...

love this post, chanel scents and shower gels are my favorite <3

Anonymous said...

Finally...... A day with PC. geeez it took you long :p
But it was fun and divine tp see all your routines ans rituals.... wish mine were as fab as yours :)
ohhh and those bags are jsut gorguus...guess you weren't kidding when you said you're a chaneloholic ;)
xxx vica

nyxxie said...

oolala c'est tres jolie ..

Anonymous said...

David Vendetta

Bleeding Heart

shmily said...

am loving ur day mashala, great snaps 7aseit chani in the set of greys! lol.

am soo gona steal ur bags ;p

omg is that THE chanel necklace????