Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mid Island Blues

The heavens literally parted and the rain has been falling down in different moods...it ranges from light showers to an all out outburst of heavy downpour,large raindrops rolling down into the earth below and the clouds cover the sky in bundles of grey whilst I look on absolutely satisfied,because it reflects my mood.
I adore grey skies, cold icy breezes and pelting rain...its one of the reasons why I love travelling away in winter...to totally experience the season in its full glory...I get so profoundly affected by the weather and theres been something so whimsical about the last couple of days that I found myself a bit deeper in my thoughts than usual..

My evening lullaby for you...play it in the background...listen to the raindrops softly tap against your windowpane and let those daydreams take you away into a deep slumber, where they will come true...Have a starry night xxx

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Mr Fur said...

aha...so here lurks you in the night :D
nice place