Saturday, October 6, 2007

Iconic women

Curling in this weekend with Audrey Hepburn and Princess Grace Kelly

My rabbit fur lined Chanels and my Jackie O barrier from the world for my cold winter walks.

lol! PeekaBoo

Afternoon bubbly baths with the vintage classics

I grew up in of the fashion capitals of the world in the presence of one of the most stylish woman of her mother..who taught me all the secrets of how do the French say it..the je' ne sais quoi?
She in turn had inherited her love of elegance and understated glam from my grandmother who still rules in my heart as the true definition of a woman.
The epitome of grace...modesty..elegance and the most inspirational woman that I have ever come across..Im truly blessed to be a part of her legacy...She used to glide around her house in beautiful silk dresses and a soft cloud of perfume that left the faintest trail of a whisper in the wake of her presence as her tall slim figure stood still...She instilled in me an eternal love affair with Chanel and taught me lessons on and men..and the most important of all...How to be a self posessed woman.

I remember last year before she died when she was in the hospital...she looked at me and asked me to fetch her lipstick...and thats how she was.

I really miss her and wish that she would be here now...I need her advice..I need her inspirational facts...Being her firstgrandaughter...she was at the delivery room with mom that day...she picked me up and carried me into my mothers arms...that special bond between us continues to all eternity...This ramadan I sent lots of love and prayers to her...because she still lives in me..everyday.
Frank Sinatra 'Witchcraft' (Play from 00:58 seconds)

I genuinely believe you cannot acquire true class or style...either youre born with it or youre not...Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis...Coco Chanel...Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly..are those who came from different backgrounds but since the early years showed their innate sense of individuality and elegance..I love them because I relate to their style...growing up they inspired me..You have to be passionate about being a feminine creature to be able to exude your personality through your clothes...your poise...the words you choose to articulate...and inject it into your work and the causes you believe in.

Jacqueline Kennedy single-handedly turned the stuffy White House into its best years...she revolutionized fashion in America when first ladies before her did nothing to inspire the country's ladies...anything Jackie would wear the rest of the world followed...and although she was not allowed to wear french couture due to political reasons..she used to sneak the Diors and Chanels in from france..and work with her designer Oleg Cassini to give them a twist and claim them as his....although she wore many of his stunning gowns countless times.
Her resilience and dignity through Kennedys philandering ways throughout their marriage by being her own person as well as how she brought the whole mourning nation together by maintaining her own regal composure during his death all taught me by example the strength and grace of a beautiful soul.

Coco Chanel grew up in an orphanage creative and defiant.She revolutionized the world of fashion forver...Created the iconic Little Black Dress...Her Pearls and costume jewellery and the infamous classic 2.55 named so because of its launch in Feburary 1955...when you hold a bag today you are holding history...the secret pocket in the outside is where Coco used to hide her secret love letters from lovers the and chain reminded her of the chains on the bicycles in the orphanage.
Chanel No.5 revolutionized the world of perfume..when asked where to aplly it...Coco said "a perfume should only be placed where you would like to be kissed"...and When Marilyn Monroe was asked what she wore to bed she breathily replied..."Only Chanel No.5"..

Audrey Hepburn is the quirky part of me...I love her simple carefree spirit to life...her chic sophistication...her simple elegance and her optimism...when told she had cancer she that all? She was a great philanthropist and worked for the International Childrens Relief organization UNICEF passionately...she worked in the field...nursed sick children and reported on the suffering she saw in countries like Somalia.

Grace Kelly, like Jackie and Audrey continued to set the standard exemplifying what a real lady is about...She was an actress in Hollywood and starred in 11 movies before Her husband Prince Rainier of Monaco saw her and married her...She became Princess Grace of Monaco and her dress was simply stunning..She inspired Hermes to create a bag for her that she used to hide her first pregnancy..the Kelly bag is one of the most lusted in the world...its youthful...classy and on my wishlist for 2008 lol.


meyam said...

you my darling are the epitome of CLASS!!!!! :p lol asking me to be a lady is like asking britney to get a stylist,,,aint gonna happen LOLOL love you just the way you are bb gurlllll xxxxx

PinkChampagne said... you made me laugh so much...Allah yg63 ebleesich...lool
Youre ubersexiness defined and you know it verrrry well. ;)

nyxxie said...

everyday i find out we have more in common PC.. jacki o and grace kelly <3 fdeithum..

Allah yer7am your grandma w yskenha fsee7 janaata, she is lucky to have left such a legacy behind, genuine children who will remember her forever, Allah ystjeeb da3waatkum lha w a3maalkum el 9al7ah.. fdeitech nice talking today!!

kytheria said...

woow what you wrote is amazing, i never knew the history of all the women you mentioned, specifically Jacqueline kennedy, i never knew she was not allowed to wear french designers clothes!! what she did was amazing..!! i want to wear only Chanel No.5 too..!! its really sexy..!!hehe

meyam said...

ahahahahaha i read coco chanel was a whore. or maybe the source was a big fat liar .....ornot.