Monday, October 8, 2007

Dream of you

"I Feel You" and the second video "Dream Of You" will play consecutively after each other. alone...blast it full on and prepare to lose your senses.

Its really an experience to sit back and let your mind go anywhere it wants without conforming to the lyrics
set by the singer...its creativity unleashed at its best when more than a dozen people can hear the same song and their souls react to it so similarly yet their minds so different...thats the magic of Schiller...

Schiller is a journey...and listening to him is your own personal journey...wherever you subconsciously choose to set your spirit free...the tone of his voice...the powerful music and the background bass all are with you...unlike mainstream lead the music with your thoughts.

Schiller is the brainchild of Christopher Von Deylen, an electronic/new age artist from Berlin.
Soothing new age melodies combine a diverse mix of rythms,cultures and emotions with ethnic instrumentation, exotic vocals and futuristic synthesizers to deliver an exotic blend of world/new age music with fine hints of European trance...embarking you on a journey that sets you free.

This is serenity at its best...Let it's reality engulf you.


nyxx said...

im getting annoyed i want to watch it it's not going thruuuuuu

PinkChampagne said...

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of techno :S Im here from work and its appearing alright.
All of them arent showing wela shu?
If it doesnt work open Ill send you a link then.

nyxx said...

it worked now YIPPPPPPPPPY