Friday, September 28, 2007

Winter chills

Im still learning how to get the hang of things technologically speaking...I still have to learn how to embed youtube videos and music players so I can get to share with you the mood Im in as I type my entries.

Ive been dubbed a technoblonde on the forum...its not my fault..As sexist as this sounds growing up barbies were for girls and computers were for boys...I was not in the least bit interested in getting all tangled up in weird wires and computer programs...My O levels came and I dreaded the end of year computer project we had to put me off technology for an extremely long time.

On the bright side...Im gearing up for my yearly vacation...yippy skippy :D I got my approval today and Im feeling absolutely fantabulous already..theres nothing like loads of me-time with a change in scenery and travelling to a place where you feel most in your element to lift the spirits and put the bounce back into your step...come december (YES!Its that long :D ) when I start work again Ill be skipping merrily down the hallways of that dreary dreadful place until they set me free and approve my resignation.

The first evening of my weekends are usually the most fun..I have all this energy that I cant wait to let out..I dim the my favourite weekend tunes...mostly those that remind me of weekends in another time..and I get dressed and think of a parallel life in history where I would be doing the exact same thing listening to the exact same feels so familiar yet so different..the past comes to terms with the future..and for those few minutes I let myself slip away into the back of my mind...allowing the familiar ghosts of the past to surround me and comfort me with mischief and laughter.

This is a track that soothes me no matter where I am..the bass...the vibes..its just sexy...I love playing it in the car on a long trip in the dark where its just the privacy of my thoughts and the beat...or in the background in my bedroom as I morph into a more stunning version of my doctor persona.

Daft Punk 'Something about us'.

My sister'sbirthday was a couple of days was one of the nicest evenings Ive had in a while..I had so much fun designing her birthday cake and I was extremely yippy skippy when it turned out perfect...she loves butterflies and I managed to incorporate that into what I had in mind...needless to say she cheered up immensely at the fact that her bday midweek didnt have to be boring.


meyam said...

is there anything you CANTT do??????? :p mashallah..beautiful cake and an even more beautiful entry. you write so well but you already know that :p

nyxx said...

awwww...... happy birthday to your sis pc.. tjaneneen..