Monday, October 8, 2007


"What is it about the sky that intrigues you?"
"It's about having the posture to hold your chin up, to raise your eyes to something higher, looking up in life."

When you believe-Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston

The world gives you so much...and it takes away even more.
Destiny has the strangest way of bringing you to terms with yourself...the closest you get to something..its not the same.
My spirit exists in my solitude.
I am not my memories...I am my dreams.


Abdulrahman said...

" the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" i always liked that Qoute..

you've done what many failed to even attempt because you dreamt..not because you wanted to fit in or follow the footsteps of the confirmists, you've led ur own way and itwas difficult but that made iteven there is no reason why it stops here...

okay i talked too much a7s i'm not making sense any more :P

PinkChampagne said...

Eagle you always make sense :)
I love 'There is no reason why it stops here'.