Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bitter lemonade

"Bitter lemonade on a cold summer day a sorry serenade but you said i neednt cry and if you should feel misunderstood maybe i could defer our first goodbye bitter lemonade our lives we paid for the moments we prayed together forever's a cliche and ever we say but never do we trust in forever to each is his own a clone of a heart and stone of adam&eve's unjust fairytales exist in the midst of a play in the fist of a game they call lust.. love will only be when we see the possibilities.. of sacrifice and for us i shall pray oh my bitter lemonade.. for sweet judgement day in Sweet Afterlife.."


My favourite poet in cyberspace...one of my favourite bestests..Meyam...ubertalented...uberfunny..and gets me like nobodys business...no judgement...just fun..lots of laughter and lots of her sassy no-nonsense attitude to life.
I adore Meyams poetry...and although my poetry has remained very private over the years..I gave in to the urge in me to immediately reply back one night...here is our collaboration...

A Promise
Help me understand this rollercoaster ride..of never ending madness you planted one inside....never did you tell those around me of your crime...i sometimes wish you had hands that drip of aided suicide....a face i'd recognize before the shake of hands....a walk around the city of Heartbreak... before the neighboring lands.... love if i were you i would seal the perfect deal....with a warning before attempt; hearts should be made of steel.
Hearts indeed should be made of steel...numbness I wish to only feel..contradiction burns whats lost not found...Memories moments cocoon surround..Love..you haunt before sunrise..bring my senses back to life...will it fade will it rest..words and walls...no more pretence.

One of the most profound moments we go through are the moments we realize we lose...a state of being which forces us to question so much and reflect on the could be's and maybe's...I let go of a part of myself that could not be reclaimed because I didnt own it...its out there somewhere on its own....I believed in it and I still do...not in its outcome..but in its strength...its uncanny ability to stay put together even when my faith in it wavered...its given me resilience when I needed it...given me hope when I never realized that I had lost it...dispelled all my preconceived notions about how I thought I should be...gifted me with the most fantabulous times Ive ever had..and I decided to allow that happiness to enrich life by setting it free.
We all think each and every part of us belongs to us but thats not true...everyday we give parts of ourselves to others...our thoughts...our feelings...our patience...our time...we pass on lessons...we learn lessons..we create moments within our families...our friends...our workplace...sometimes those things stay with you...other times when its for a worthier cause you choose to let them go.


meyam said...

iloveyouuuuuuuuu endlessly

meyam said...

iloveyouuuuuuuuu endlessly

nyxxie said...

I love the last bit, it gave me goosebumps, that is soo true and ever so beautiful, life is like that, with every day that passes, every person we know, every bit that we take, or give, or learn, we are never ever the same..

& meyam's bitter lemonade is breathtaking! mashalla..