Saturday, April 4, 2009

Scent of Sweetness

Finallyyyyy Jo Malone opens up in Dubai Mall :) Yippyskippy!
So go stock up on your Vitamen E body scrub, treatment oil or yummy lipbalm...the newly launched Kohdo wood collection or the ubersensual Pomegranate Noir candles that turn your bedroom into a sexy boudoir.
I cant wait to hit Dubai this weekend.
Sweet Dreams xx


nyxxie said...

God you make it sound soooo tempting! ;p

Tweenkie Belle said...

i <3 joe malone

Tweenkie Belle said...

btw what are the best tanning products in the market? I want to get a full body tan (face included)

any recommendations?

PinkChampagne said... thanx gorgeousness x

@Tweenkie...if you can get a spray tan then that would be good...modelCo do a good version that you can DIY in hard areas like back of knees and shoulders becuase of its 360 degree nozzle.They also have amazing exfoliating wipes for clearing up any mistakes.
I like light fresh tans so I prefer Cliniques a touch of bronze or Clarins Delicious Self Tanning cream that has cocoa in it.
Guerlains face powder bronzers are diviiine...every summer they release gorgeous stuff...theres this one by them called 001 makeup artist.
Laura Merciers shimmer face bronzer is delicious and peachy.
Chanels face bronzing cream is good it comes in two colours gold and bronze..the gold is light and fresh and I was going to post about the new bronzing powder Chanel is releasing here soon it is stunning in real life.
With body dont forget to exfoliate and moisturize before applying tanner so it goes on smoothly and wont attach to patchy areas.
With the face always jus hit your brush where the sun glows..on the forehead, temples, upper cheekbones and bridge of nose...add a touch of blush to the apple of the cheek and voila! Youve just come back from vacation. :)

Anonymous said...

what do you recommened from Jo Malone?

Fastidious Babe said...

TB and PC im currently looking for a great spray tan salon in dubai! the one i used to go to somehow disappeared! I like model n co's airbrush tan the most, and it smells better than the rest. Thats another issue PC.. the SMELL! hmm also mac released bronzing body mouses that are kinda good a few years ago.. i stocked up on them back then and still use them xx

PinkChampagne said...

@Anon...Jo Malone is more of a fragrance brand, although she does facial products..its entirely what you prefer :)

@F.B Ooh the mac mousses are good, beware of expiry dates babes...Spray salons Ill look into there were a couple of ones I heard about in Dubai..actually if any of us three come across any we have to dish to each other asap :) xx

kytheria said...

yay finally they opened it! i've been waiting since months! thnx for the info.

PinkChampagne said...

@Kyth...anytiiime babes x :)