Monday, April 6, 2009

Bronze Goddess

Soleil de tan Chanel

So my last post got this fun discussion going with Tweenkie Belle and Fabulous Babe (my nick for her) about bronzers..I wanted to post this new must-have face bronzer that was released in the States a few weeks ago and is already sold out...I saw it with my sis and loved the sheer colours that can range from a peachy tint to a full on sunkissed glow. Worry not, the range will be released in Europe next month and should definitely hit our shores after that or around the same time.

The Body Shops Body and Leg Shine

Michael Kors Classic Leg Shine

In terms of a tan whatever you choose the nicest thing you can do to it is make it subtly glow. A few years ago I found this delicious scented stick from Michael Kors that worked like magic..over a tan it highlights and gives a really pretty sheen on areas like legs,collarbone and top of arms. I ran out and I found an amazing replacement in the Body Shops stick...its stunning...they also have a tube of this liquid molten gold called Shimmer Sun that glides on for more of an impact anywhere including reminded me of Scott Barnes Body Bling which works creative magic if youre looking for a deeper shimmer.
If youre on the beach this summer take a bottle of Nars Monoi Oil Body Glow that works beautifully over tanned skin to give a really sexy sheen. You dont want the oil to fry your skin so don't forget the sunscreen.



Fastidious Babe said...

I have the body shop's stick! its fabulous on legs.. u know what else looks good on legs, sally hansen's spray tan (but it smells like henna) eekk

the chanel powder looks amazing.. currently i'm using guerlain's terracotta bronzer and by terry's bronze expert mineral compact..

I have been told that the tanning station i used to go to has merely relocated.. they use fantasy tan products and they're generally good. apart from the smell.. the place is called "tropical tans"

sephora in dubai also had an air brush station, but they dont have a closed booth so it can get limiting.

Hmm "sisters" salon in the village uses st tropez tanning.. which i personally think looks very fake.. but it depends on ur skin tone i guess..

c'est tout!

loved the post PC, may the bubbles of fabulousity never stop xx

zuz said...

i lovee the chanel bronzed blusher, its so natural!

Tweenkie Belle said...

tink yew looads PC <3 <3 u really made my day! *hugs*

PinkChampagne said...

@F.B Thanx loads for the tan station tips! xx I agree on the scent of them always icky lol..omg! st tropez is really fake I agree but its the gold standard for most who want a deeper tan...I prefer mine golden peach..looks like this summer we'll all be dubbed beach babes walking into hospital lol xx

@Zuz..its really pretty...Thanks for passing by :)

@Tweenkie..aww *hugs* katkootah xx