Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Of Vintage Hollywood and Chanel

There is a place in time to which my heart shall truly belong...An era where ladies were ladies and gentlemen were simply divine inspiration for women to be even more ladylike lol...Everything was elegant and vividly portrayed by stories passed on to us from our grandmothers, books and photos, to the Hollywood silver screen that captured timelessness and left its legacy for us to dream into..
A couple of months ago I promised Fastidious Babe that Id post a short list of classics to watch, to kickstart a movie title exchange amongst us..Before I leave you I'm about to jump with delight having received news that Coco Chanel's biopic movie before she became Chanel the legend, featuring Audrey Tatou will be released next french...(more reason for me to seriously continue learning the language rather than stop every two months) so for the fluent ones, who wants to come watch with me and translate lol?

Heres a sneak preview :)

1.Gigi....Leslie Caron...theres a reason I put this first..
2.Butterfield 8...Elizabeth Taylor
3.Beyond the Valley of the dolls...Psychedelic-ly delicious.
4.The Graduate..Mrs Robinson is a classic
5.Gentlemen prefer Blondes..Monroe is actually watchable in this one.
6.High personal fave Grace Kelly flick.
7.Casablanca...the bittersweet "We'll always have Paris".
8.Belle De Jour...Catherine Denueve's wardrobe is tdf..vintage YSL and Roger Vivier make it worth watching..subtitles for the nonfrench peoplesss
9.All about Eve...Bette Davis
10.The way we were...Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford or Funny girl...Barbra streisand and Omar sharif
Bewitched the series, seriously a perfect backdrop at home to tune out the rest of the world when needed.

Hugs xx


Anonymous said...


PinkChampagne said..., if you dont like it simply turn it off :)

Fastidious Babe said...

PC! thanx, im gonna work on the list as soon as i finish my wretched exams! i have seen a few of them, and i'm sure im gonna love ur picks xx

PinkChampagne said...

^7ayati youre welcome...Best of luck on your exams xx

Anonymous said...

i left a comment asking about the shampoo..waina? hmmm

PinkChampagne said...

^I logged in through my bb today and I wasnt able to reply properly...I looked it up for you and theres this number 06-74536656 that are supposed to be the stockists...I called them but it was after 5 noone picked up...Do let me know how it goes :)

Anonymous said...

^ Thanks