Saturday, March 21, 2009


Im loving the feedback on my last beauty post, thank you bubblylicious readers xx
I'll give you the big reveal and finally let you in on my holy grail cosmetic must haves, there better be stock at the beauty counters when I resupply,seriously you will love how transformed you look after this.

Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer

I always keep saying that if you take really good care of your skin your base should never be a problem which is why I place such an emphasis on skin rather than makeup...this is the most gorgeous veil of colour that literally does everything you want a base to do...apply it sheer with a it on with your fingers...or simply blend it with a cosmetic sponge when you need a bit more comes in an oil free formulation too and is perfect for every season in our parts of the world..allow it to sink in and then move on to the concealer below.

Laura Mercier undercover pot concealer

My tiny miracle..It comes with two parts...the right side is creamy whilst the left has a bit more holding power...use whatever side you like to manipulate colour on different areas of your face or blend both to get another shade depending on what kind of coverage you need and what type of blemish you want to hide e.g a fading mark or a new blemish..At the bottom of the concealer pot comes an illuminating powder to tap on after you finish. Really.good.stuff.

I recommend you apply your concealer with the secret camouflage concealer brush or any concealer brush you have, because its goes on perfect and when you use your fingers youre not as accurate and tend to take away or rub off the concealer from your skin with the finished result ending up looking a bit caked.

Follow up with translucent powder on bridge of nose chin and forehead...stay away from cheeks to keep the dewy look along your cheekbones.

If you cant find it here in the UAE, try Clarins souffle de teint (posted that in my bubbly beauty awards a year ago I think) and Guerlains/YSL/Dior flashradiance brush concealer until you actually source what youre looking for.

Enjoy xx


nyxxie said...

fabulous as always my darl ; )

Tweenkie Belle said...

ur beauty reviews always helps me shop for the "right" products! thanks to u <3

PinkChampagne said...

@Nyxxie :) xxx

@Tweenkie...Thank you! Glad you enjoy xx

Aljoud said...

yaaaaaay!! girl you rock!!
I have problems with concealers.. my dark circles just suck and I've been on the hunt for good concealers that wouldnt cake or look icky..

kytheria said...

thnx for the tips, i will try the second one, the concealer. i actually tried the tinted moisturizer last year and i cause me break outs so i stopped it.

Fastidious Babe said...

PC! i just read about seisheido's tinted moisturizer and thought of u! wonder if u heard about it, and if its any good x

PinkChampagne said... might try the oil free version if you like..might be lighter for you x

@Fastidious babe...I tried it a while back...wasnt a fan of the finish as the colour didnt blend into my skin perfectly..Diors hydra one that came out last year was a good one if you might be interested, heard good reviews about estee lauders daywear one but havent tried it so cant give my bubbly seal of approval lol xx

Anonymous said...