Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bringing Home The Bubbly

Aljoud this one's for you :)

'What you believe has more power than what you dream or wish or hope for..You become what you believe'

In my most adventurous chapter yet, I stood still not willing to go further, not thinking I could...In the midst of all that you've never known..the new...the unfounded...the trepidation you feel when you have to jump and you don't know how...when youre right at the brink staring into the foray of unchartered waters..Theres an exact moment of lucidity where everything becomes crystal clear.
At that moment you've just found yourself.
Whether you sink or swim is a relative matter because it stems from a conscious decision made directly from the centre of your being.
It doesn't get purer than that. 

Phases and seasons passed...likewise, as I slowly emerged from one and transcended into another I found myself journeying through the fall, the long winter and finally undergoing the last metamorphosis of an internally arduous phase with the promise of the new bloom of spring.  
Where I used to be, spiritually speaking, was on a completely different tangent...when they say time and space create clarity and garner a much needed ambience to reflect...I'm compelled to agree..
Living in anonymity for so many months and disconnecting from a life I was getting so used to, that it started becoming a habit rather than a life, was one of the most liberating decisions Id taken for myself in a long time.
I believe we find ourselves in the space between, because we forget..what our real priorities are and then we procrastinate when we are aware of them..we have an uncanny aptitude for focusing on all that distracts us and unknowingly drains us..No matter how it ends up manifesting itself, there's a certain restlessness that persists..until you find your own truth.

Its time for me to join all that I love in my little niche...Im coming home.


Aljoud said...

oh myyy yaaay you're finally coming back!!! *flying hearts*
you've seriously been missed.. like seriously ya3ni :p
the snow angel is soooo adorable!!! <3 I went like "AWWWH" when I saw the pic!! Thankyou thank youuu my bubbly angel *smooch* you gotta love the wings!! lol they're sooo cuuuute ya rabeeh!
and I can definately relate to the state you're in at the moment.. I'm right at the point where I'm supposed to jump.. but I'm pretty darn scared! >.<
I know I'll eventually do.. and I'll swim.. 'cause we're survivors ;)
big X and a million hugs.

Petite Feerie said...


welcome back! I have been waiting forever for ur post! Im glad ur back.. u've been missed! =)

PinkChampagne said...

@Aljoud...you totally got the gist of what I was saying Hell yeah were survivors!...Youre going to be absolutely fine and you will take that leap of faith, jump in style and everything will be happily ever after inshalla xx

@Petite I loved what you said :) Thank you! it felt like having a nice homecoming to come back to in cyberspace xx

Fastidious Babe said...

Wow, now i feel like i need some solitude.. away from everyone and everything.. to reflect instead of deflect.. which is what i have been doing!

WELCOME BACK!!! u've been missed terribly! and what an amazing comeback post!


PinkChampagne said...

@F.B Thank you so much my lovely xx Its good to come back..lol youre not going anywhere for now, lots to catch up on with you :) Missed you loads!!

KissMyShades said...

It seems like you have been moving from one forte to another-what a beautiful feeling

Youre always a great read

PinkChampagne said...

@KissMyShades..Thank you xx It means so much coming from an incredibly articulate writer such as yourself..you hit it exactly...it was literally a different forte :)

nyxxie said...

i think it's only at this certain level of maturity that we reach that we decide to actually do something for ourselves. something unfortunately, many forget to do ever in their lives. the search for ourselves. and to find ourselves. i am oh so proud of you.

PinkChampagne said...

@Nyxxie...7ayati Thank you sooooooo much for being so sweet..Im touched...Im the one who's proud to have such incredibly amazing friends like you and it makes being able to share my moments all the more worthwhile..*hugsssss* xxx