Wednesday, June 6, 2007

To be or not to be

"Journeys end in Lovers meeting" Shakespeare.
I cant think of anything that perpetuated my romantic notions more than Shakespeare..Back in school I loved his sonnets..his poetry...his work..he fueled all idealistic fantasies in a very realistic world. I came to discover that passion was my secret to life...It helped me channel all my energy into doing all the things I believed in...allowed me to stand up for the causes I felt were worth fighting for and got me in loads of trouble countless times.. Passionate people are also very impulsive and thats a lethal combination. It didnt stop me...and I never learned...interestingly in the worst of times when Id be in the middle of some catastrophe..I realized he was right 'Though this be madness,yet there is method in 't '...I found out so much about myself...I questioned and I reflected...What I gained spiritually was worth the price I had paid...made the light shine a bit brighter and propelled me to carry on... Its so easy to take the safe route...stay in the safe zone and blend in...I did that alot after moving back here...So worried about the intensity of passion I had in me...didnt want to be misunderstood and labelled by my own..figured that I was doing the right thing...and convinced myself that I was now an adult starting a fresh page with a scheduled life...and that accepting that would be for the best.. 'Cowards die many times before their deaths'...It couldnt ring more true..honesty is not with other people...its with yourself...It took one incident to turn my world upside down and realize that everything Ive been striving for led me off the path that Id written for myself...I wasnt being true to myself...and in turn I'd always feel empty inside...By my own standards I had failed miserably... The path to greatness isnt that of achieving isnt that of having material wealth...its a feeling of completeness. Its a connection..with yourself and the world around you...its showing courage when you least feel like it..its being true to the core and unleashing your passion to pave your own way..


Fastidious Babe said...

whoa! such strong feelings.. the intensity of ur words at the end of the entry threw me off track.. Nevertheless, its beautiful that you have entwined his words with ur world and made them yours in your own way.. Loved the post xx

PinkChampagne said...

Im glad you enjoyed means alot coming from you :)
Thats the beauty of literature and exchanging real life Im the most private person ever..writing has been cathartic for me over the past twelve years in my personal journal...its anchored me in more ways than one and Im blessed to be able to share some of it here on the blog with people like you xx