Monday, March 12, 2007


I know this is a little early to be ticktocking but I cant help mind has been a flurry of thoughts and inspirations..emotions tangled and weaved into my head...where does it all make sense in my soul?
I look into my coffee cup and stare at the glossy black liquid steaming in front of me...I watch the wisps of smoke come out and crawl up into the atmosphere slowly..delicately...stretching out into the air like a cat unfurling on its cushion...only to disappear quietly leaving behind its unmistakeable heady aroma to diffuse through the room as I write down my thoughts...before I absentmindedly comfort myself with another sip of my bitter drink lost in my own world..
I feel like Ive stepped out of my comfort zone...Im in a territory thats so new but so familiar at the same time...reminescent of days gone by...If I believed in it then I would think of it as a reincarnation of another time...another place...karma bringing me back full circle to discover what truth?..That I have yet to know...
The dreams we have are always different than reality...sometimes our dreams are divine creations from our innermost wishes...and sometimes reality surpasses our wildest expectations and makes all that we've ever believed in worth living for..And sometimes whats more important in life as we go through it is just having something to hold on to and hope for..

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