Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Passage through time

I turned my head and glanced at him. My eyes sparkled with amusement..."Im sorry to be poking holes in your bucket of self esteem...Maybe you should slip into something more a coma perhaps...You know...youre not alone...Im with you."

Excerpted from PinkChampagne's personal diary.

Interestingly all its forms.

Interestingly intimate..Trust...Trust in a person...Trust is trusting that.
Interestingly Strange...The what ifs...knowing nothing...but still...
Wonder....Those who look for love even though they are convinced it doesnt exist. Reflection...Memories..Moments...private times that stay etched in the mind.
Nostalgia..Days gone by...lost memories of carefree nonchalance..innocent youthful arrogance..butterflies and heady anticipation.
Resilience...going to hell and back and standing on the other side.
Fact..Some are meant to be alone..always on the outside looking in..finding a niche when they realize they are their own best friends.
Truth..The heart cant be healed..Time doesnt teaches how to cope better.
Bittersweet...The place in time..the sanctuary that may be..but cant be...too raw to visit..
Denial..blocking and immunizing...allowing it all to fade away with the ashes of the past...becoming weary days and nights of solitude that pass into dreamless slumber.
Courage...When life takes a very different path...the unknown...because you cant go back to the path you once knew.
Spirit...when you cant go back to your safeground because youve changed...


Fastidious Babe said...

I happened to pass by ur blog.. and i wanted to see how ur first blog entry was.. for some reason? And i absolutely loved it!

i love the flight of ideas.. and i related to where u stood at the time..

well written..

and an interesting blog..

to finding your niche xx

PinkChampagne said...

Thank you...its always a joy to see perspectives or how much things resonate with people through writing...BubblyCheers to you Babe :)

Anonymous said...

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