Friday, August 14, 2009

It Girl

Miroslava Duma

Of the few 'it' girls that I come across reading, only a couple stand out to me as having a uniquely personal and individual sense of creative style..let's face it, with the massive influx media blitz of stylists, magazines and shows these past few years everyone can call themselves 'style icons' and 'fashion savvy' but it takes real style to put your love of fashion together leaving a memorable impression of genuine creative individuality.

Have a gorgeously stylish Friday night


zuz said...

i loveeee miroslavaa i always copy some of her style ideas, my gfs always say she reminds them of me;p

Fastidious Babe said...

she's just fabulous! i think she works at harpers bazaar right? loved the pix pc xoxo

PinkChampagne said... must be a stunner then :)

@F.B..Indeed she does :) Loves you babygirl xx

KissMyShades said...

Where have you been stranger ?

3atooga Tupac said...

3ala galbee enty wallah.

PinkChampagne said...

@KMS..Thank you for asking my lovely..I promise to post soon *hugs* xx

@3atooga Tupac :) Glad you stopped by

Estrella said...

i cant be more agree with u about the magazine and people calling themselves style icons when they are only wearing waht theyr stylists gives them, this girl looks really efortless elegant and so not posing, at least not exagerated, she looks natural, i liked her