Saturday, August 8, 2009


Bateel's date champagne

'Ca marche pas! Ca marche pas!' she walks in shaking her head with a giggle and looking airily at me over her blackberry thats frozen for the umpteenth time in the past few days..'This thing...ughhhhh!'
It's what we labelled a spontaneous mini break..away from routine and hectic work schedules for a good dose of chillaxation and laughter.
So we're lounging on a sunny afternoon waiting for our iced tea and going through another million ideas for places to hang out in over the next few days..Seriously this girl is the ultimate New Yorker living in Paris in the la la land of Dubai.
'You should have you hair wrapped up in a 60's behive french twist' I reply tilting my head and studying the layers draped across her forehead.
Her eyes light up 'Remember that French woman we met...'
'Nooooo babes!!! No pixie cut!' finishing her trail of thought with a laugh leaving her to ponder as she looks into the mirror and pauses..'Well she wasnt really french..' she trails off with another chuckle.
I smile and turn my attention to picking out a track on my music selection and the doorbell rings breaking my concentration..
'Ca marche paaas!' I breathe in an exaggerated indignation whilst I get up...she collapses on the couch in a heap of laughter at my accent as I answer the door..Theres a quiet silence before the room explodes with a fresh burst of bubbly laughter as she hears the conversation..
Seriously youve got to see it to understand it..that my lovelies is Fastidious Babe.

I think there are friendships in the world and then some..the warm familiar kind reminiscent of solid ones youve built over the years that simply transcend all the menial trivialities and allow you to just be, all notions of normal go out the window and you find yourself in hysterics over your quirks and randomness, your thoughts and a comfort zone and it all flows naturally..the conversation, the musings and once again definitely the laughter..lots of insane hilarious bubbly highs

Over a screw-this-I-dont-want-to-think-about-life-Im-tuning-out break we decided on a spontaneous exchange..She learns to do my cosy peaceful thing and I get out of my relaxed perspective lol lazy as she likes to put it which always makes me laugh.
'La laa ma2saaaaa!!' Eyes widen in disbelief 'Ca marche pas! Ma9edggggg! Youre sooo lazy!'
I have to give her credit for really being gracious to have her go-getting soul put up with hours of lounging over our infamous raspberry martini mocktails.
It made the summer's end stretch into a fabulous one and all the better..friends like this are few and far between.

Ive had the best time in a long time..I laughed until I literally had my mascara running down my face and still kept laughing and everything got even more bubblier..from blocked chakra reading sessions to fall shopping to being indulgently aimless over one of the best weeks Ive had ever.
Life holds many fun twists and turns and as she put it some friendships are just meant to be..So here's a raspberry martini toast to you babes with a whole load of bubblycheers
For you my readers I leave you with a couple more shots and a promise to update sooner x



Fastidious Babe said...

lool omg i had flashbacks from last week reading ur post.. loved it and love u to bits xD cant wait for ur next visit babe

- to lasting friendships and fabulous weekends xoxo

zuz said...

loveeed the post=D,loved the food, the places evryyything! 3lekom bel3afia;p


Its soooo relaxing to read your post . . . I felt I was there myself without the mascara running down my face though. … enjoy ur vacation dear.

Aljoud said...

awwh you girls are too adorable!! I could sense the amount of fun you had! sometimes a person should just leave everything aside and enjoy life to the max!
*hugs to both of you fab girls*


Hessa said...

it looks a fabulous day! luv zuma my fav! how was cavali club?? do u recommend it?

PinkChampagne said...

@F.B hugs and love xx

@Zuz..Allah ye3afich..glad you enjoyed that x

@Aljoud...Hugssssss you back xx Sorry for being so crap at being in touch xx
You should definitely join us next time :)

@Hessa..Thanks :) Cavalli club was really really fun.I loved the music and their signature macki rolls were to die for x

PinkChampagne said... glad you enjoyed that :)