Sunday, June 7, 2009


Queen Fi's birthday came up this weekend and I decided to give her the BubblySpecial :)
So we packed our Choos and Chanels and set off for the perfect escape..
From cupcakes and candles..summery balloons and roses all over our private terrace and of course my bubbly playlists, it was definitely a weekend to remember..we sat with our favourite friends (Mousie I missed you there xx) and laughed the weekend away underneath the stars, following a luscious day before with Fi at the spa where we unwinded the week's tension and melted under utterly blissful therapeutic hands, to be buffed to perfection and massaged to the point where we felt like we were floating..we're still literally glowing.
Dubai is one of those magical escapes that always holds such good memories for me..every time I go it just keeps getting better, more relaxing and definitely more bubbly.
She still hasn't told me what her wish was when she blew out the candles lol..Fi when you read this, I hope it comes true and I love you more than anything in this whole wide world..Im gonna sign out right now to find her and give her a big hug lol.
To sisters and friends (especially you M)..where would we be without them?


Fastidious Babe said...

Love love love the pix! The roses look fab too xD I'm sure its gonna be a bday she would always remember! Happy bday fifi xoxo

- to new and lasting friendships indeed :) xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your sister Queen Fi, and Allah ykhaleekm elba3ath :)

PinkChampagne said...

@F.B...Thank you my lovely so much..wish you were there :) xx
@Anonymous..Thank you for those kind wishes..thats really sweet of you x

Aljoud said...

Happy birthday Queen Fi! Many more fabulous returns inshAllah!
The pics are so fab! It looks like you girls had major fun!

PinkChampagne said...

@Aljoud...*hugs* Thank you so much 7ayati xx I wish everyday was like that! Hmm maybe an 'unbirthday' celebration :)

zuz said...

it looks great!, love the pix,btw i love ur playlist;p, especially the 1st song here in the blog!

PinkChampagne said...

@Zuz...Hey my lovely :) How are the spirits?
Uberthanks for the compliments..Do enjoy xx

AMmor said...

Omg! your music taste is ah-mazing I cannot believe there are 5aleeji ppl lsning to Zero 7. I luv them <3

Now! that massage sounds heavenly. mashallah your style of writing is magnificent.

I need me some spa thearpy. Which spa did you go to.

btw happy birthday to you sis =)
and sorry for the long comment :p

PinkChampagne said...

@AMmor..7ayati thank you!!! Bil3axs I loove long comments from my readers it definitely put a huge smile on my face this afternoon x
It was Sensasia spa..try the Bee my honey treatment and a tailormade facial to suit your needs,seriously lush :)
Thank you for the birthday wishes x

AMmor said...

Thanx babe
I'll sure try that this weekend <3

Mousie said...

I'm always with you babe :)

PinkChampagne said...

7ayati I miss you loads...come back sooon! xxx