Saturday, October 31, 2009

Practical Magic

'Sometimes we just stay up all night worshipping each bats'.

If the player won't play below watch this right now here

A personal favourite of mine since '98 I recommend this as a fun must see.
Go down memory lane and pick up The Craft, Stardust and Bram Stokers Dracula whilst your at it and prepare to have a spooky one :)
As for me, I send a cauldron of witches voodoo and enchanting mystic dust your way to have a magical Halloween..may you all turn into bats ;)

To my Vampire in Salem..I wish I could be there tonight to cast a special spell at The Witching Hour.


Anonymous said...

update plz

Anonymous said...


I ♥ pink Sugar said...

Miss you a lot!!! you and i agreed to update our posts regularly! but apparently we failed!!

PinkChampagne said...

Hey you :) Miss you too..your blog seems to have vanished from cyberspace and I was so looking forward to the last part of your story.
I will update soon in due time x

Sara and Alia said...

I used to be a silent reader but not anymore! I LOVE your music selection and the interesting topics you write about. So can you update this blog more often? xxx.


Shamma said...

Hi PC! Was just wondering if you have an email addy? I have a few questions regarding skincare & I would love some advice from you!

PinkChampagne said...

@Sara and Alia.. Thank you :) I will do! x

@Shamma..Its send them over!

Anonymous said...

missing your updates, your movies, music, skincare and all the fabulous things you always recommend.


PinkChampagne said...

@R~ Merci! :D I hope you enjoy the new update because Bubbly's back!!